10 Great Posts About Motivation


I have just put together a list of motivational blog posts that I have found lately. I hope you will enjoy these posts as much as I did. I do also recommend you to visit the main blogs where these articles are posted, as they are just not single great post, but they are a part of good blogs. I hope you will find these posts useful as I have tried to compile different kind of posts about motivation to provide you with different views on the topic. Enjoy!

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Motivate yourself without hard deadlines


This is a rather long blog post, but absolutely worth reading. Defining how to schedule hard and soft deadlines seems like a good idea. Do not let the minor things in your life take over for the major things in life. Pick the Brain is also recommended reading as it is a great blog.

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How to motivate yourself on Monday


Who doesn’t need a kick start on those darn Mondays? This list from Lee Iwan is great. This post is already written back in 2006, but hey, who cares, Mondays are still the same, at least if you have not read this before. But Mondays might change in the future after reading this one.

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How (and when) to motivate yourself


The moral of this story is to get out into the rain. This is a great article about, when you need motivation, and when you need discipline to succeed in your daily quests. The best part about this is that you can almost feel the joy the author have in writing this article after his bike ride in the pouring rain

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How to Motivate Yourself: 4 Timeless Thoughts


I do like this blog post, because it includes a lot of great quotes. The quotes alone are good enough to get on my list today, but it is also a great blog post. Swedish Henrik Edbergs blog is a new discovery for me, so I am going back to read more, it is a great blog as well and I will spend several hours at his blog in the future.

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A morning routine to get you excited for your day


This is a fun to read and useful motivational post about the morning routines of Alan Mong, spiced with a couple of great links to motivational videos as well. A good motivational video is always helpful. And this might help you to change your attitude in the morning.

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What to do when you just don’t feel like doing it


This is just a short video, it takes about two minutes and some seconds, it is actually a great tip on how to act when you just don’t feel like doing it. The tip itself is short, simple and easy to do. The video have only one great tip, but it is a good advice, so it makes the list. Just step into it. I like it.

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How to fail – Make big changes


I need to include this one from David Burkus’ blog, as we are trying to motivate you here, try to avoid the big changes in your life; do rather implement small achievable goals, one at a time. Good advice from David. Check out the rest of David’s blog if you have some spare time. It is good.

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How many days do you have to live


This is a great question from Simon Sinek; How many days do you have to live? I think this blog post is very motivating and it is different, it gets you thinking. Take a look at what is left of your life today. I do like the view this post presents, anything that makes me think is great! Good work Simon.

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What can you learn from squirrels


If you can’t get motivated by any of the above, there is yet another link here, this time you might learn something from squirrels. What is it Psychology Today is picking up from squirrels? Well take a look yourself. This is learning from animals, and that can prove to be wise.

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Slow Down Motivation


The last one of the day is one of my own recent posts about motivation. This is one of my most read blog posts of all time and you can read about different kinds of motivation, actually learning about motivation, more than being motivated, but that can be helpful too.

If you have written or read any blog posts about motivation feel free to include a link in the comments field. Thank you for reading.
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  1. Frode Heimen | July 8, 2010 at 5:49 am |

    Hi David, it is well deserved. Could you post the link to the video, please? I would appreciate that.

  2. Frode. I’m honored to be included on this list. I also have a video on my site where I give an Ignite talk that explores the big changes topic as well.

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