10 Small Ideas for Fun at Work


Bilde 001Today I want to present a short list of fun and/or nice things to do at work to have fun and boost employee engagement. Most of these efforst cost close to nothing. We did #1 when I worked at Ventelo, a norwegian telecom company – I think we probably had 50 spectators in the finals. I love new ideas, so please feel free to comment and add your ideas.

  1. Arrange a Scalextric Race Tournament.
  2. Invite staff to “bring a book day, and trade” – The idea is to bring books you no longer read and are willing to give away.
  3. Create a paper plane competition with a diploma to the champion.
  4. Buy a bag of candy, bake something or at least get something to serve along with coffee. Make a round and serve coffee/tea and offer a small treat too.
  5. Make sure to say thank you to everybody. Find ways to ask them a favor, search for or create situations where “thank you” would be natural. Make a list of all the names and use percentage calculation to find your score.
  6. Create a common garage sale and donate earnings to a good cause.
  7. Arrange a board game night. Invite co-workers to bring a board game of choice.
  8. Cake, for no reason.
  9. With the use of post-it create a personal thank you note to your co-workers and stick it on their computer screen or some other locations where they will see it. It will be a very good surprise if you get in early one day and make it a surprise.
  10. This idea is yours, and I hope you will share it in the comment section, maybe this list will grow to a great source of fun.

The idea with the list is that is should be something that won’t cost much and result in great fun or contribute to the wellness of your co-workers. Nice, Fun, Kind and Including are good keywords.

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    Thanks for the write up mate..!!
    Hemalatha D recently posted..Hello world!

  2. These ideas are good. But, it would be good if we have some creative ideas in mind to get the employees engaged. We must provide the employees a peaceful environment to work so that their productivity will be high which will result in improving the overall productivity of the company as well. Therefore, a company must have a productive Human Resource Manager.

  3. Jennifer Patrick | October 3, 2016 at 8:21 pm |

    We do “pig outs” or potlucks and everyone loves it! Taco Friday is a staff favorite. Everyone brings something and you end up eating lunch with people who don’t normally stay in for lunch.

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