10 steps to self motivation!


Self motivation can be real hard. I find it easy to motivate others, but it is not quite as easy to motivate myself. I have been thinking about what works for me, and want to share 10 steps to self motivation, that have helped me to maintain a certain momentum to my drive.


  1. Learn something new.
    Acquiring new skills or get yourself a new hobby will give you positive energy. I recently started blogging as my new hobby, giving me a lot of creative energy. This can be anything that you have always wanted. Or just read a lot about one subject making you an expert on the subject. I have a friend that knows who finished 5. In some formula one race in 1956, not very useful, but if I test him, and he is right it is a grand winner.
  2. Evaluate now!
    I want you to take a good look at where you stand right now. Are you in the right place? If you feel misplaced you might want to change position. Your job, might be wrong? Your education might be wrong? If you feel misplaced in the first place, it is hard to stay motivated in the long run.
  3. Share what you know.
    Do you have a skill that other people would like to learn about? Sharing your knowledge will give you self-esteem and you will help others achieve # 1.
  4. Do a “power task”
    This is something that bothers you as long as it is undone. Get it out of the way, celebrate and then do the fun stuff. If you don’t have a power task, do a few easy ones to get you started.
  5. Get to know yourself and take a stand.
    If you find out that you are honest, live by it. If you get more money back than you should, when shopping, you won’t need to think, should I keep or return. If you know that honesty is a personal great value, you know that returning the easy made money will make you happier. What other values do you represent? In what way would these values help you make daily based decisions? Don’t know how? Read this

  6. Make someone else happy.
    Long time since you last gave a present to your loved ones? My wife taught me that it is not important with value, what is important is that you think about me sometimes. I found a store in my town that sells girl gadgets like necklaces, rings and much more stash for the female gender. And it is cheap. Not long ago I found a necklace that cost $2, my wife loved it. My kid got a bouncing ball that cost less than a dollar, which now is his favorite toy. A co-worker received a baseball cap from another co-worker that visited the USA. He was very grateful because it was a long time since he mentioned that he wanted a cap from that very team. Or it might just be serving your co-worker a cup of coffee. Small things can have a huge impact.
  7. Eat one healthy meal, and then exercise one time.
    You may not be on a diet, but I believe everybody gets a positive boost from doing this. It is a small goal, possible to do fast, and it gives you a feeling of well being. I have a small hill right outside my door, if I go out and run up this hill four times, I have exercised for ten minutes, and I feel great. Read this about setting goals.
  8. Talk to someone that motivates you.
    Do you have a great coach, or maybe a good boss? Or even a friend that you can talk to? If you have someone around you, that knows how to motivate others, go talk to them. Be blunt, say it as it is, you need motivation. People, who motivate others, love to be able to do their magic. Use it!
  9. Release the breaks.
    Identify your breaks. This can be things that are holding you back, when you want to achieve something. Read more about the motivation engine here.
  10. And my feet hurt…
    This is by far, the best line for me. Watch this video, which I have shown here before, but when it is this good, it helps to see it again. When you have seen the video and are faced with a challenge, say it loud to yourself: “And my feet hurt” – Then just do it.

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2 Comments on "10 steps to self motivation!"

  1. Frode Heimen | August 5, 2008 at 10:47 pm |

    Hi James!
    Thanks for the comment. I do feel the same way about mechanical tasks. What I have done is to create a schedule, not in outlook or other digital reminder gadgets, but on paper, and taped it to my desktop (The one in real life, not on the computer) It is divided by hours and It says that on Mondays at 12 o clock I need to prepare for a Tuesday presentation and so on. All routine work is written down on this time table and I follow it just as when I was in school. I even had a check field that I crossed out when I did the task in the start, but today I memories it and it seems to work for me. I guess you have a great way of helping people you don’t know through your blog? 🙂 It has sure helped me to get other view on topics we discuss.

  2. James Chapman | August 5, 2008 at 9:24 pm |

    Hi, Frode

    I am a naturally highly self motivated person, but the times that I am less motivated are when I am tired or when the tasks that I am performing become just a mechanical action, like repeating the same thing over and over again. I find the best ways for me to motivate myself when those occasions present themselves are to find myself something more creative to do, or to make an effort to perform the task more systematically, which will help to remove the boredom from the task.

    I also find motivating other people can be very self motivating when I see the results of their performance.

    But what really gets me re-motivated is helping other people who I don’t know, to do more things in their lives and to get a positive attitude, no matter what adversity they are having to face.

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