10 ways to become the best at work


1. Work systematically

Make sure to have a goal and purpose with your work. Find out what will make your day great and go and get it. Use checklists to write down stuff you need to do. Look at your day, decide for a period of time and work as hard as you can to reach your goal.

2. Follow the rules (but bend them once in a while)

Find out the rules of the game and follow them. Do not be a troublemaker or argue about the rules. You can talk about the rules in a constructive way. If you need to bend the rules to get your work done please do carefully consider bending the rules, but if you break them there is a consequence, make sure you know what the consequence is. Be on time!

3. Be consciously positive

You might be tempted to talk down on someone or to complain about anything. But if you cannot improve it shut your yapper. If people are complaining, it is your task to help them see how they can fix it. And do brag about your co-workers. Being positive is hard, but the reward is great.

4. Know what is expected of you

Talk to your boss, and know what is expected of you. Get a list if you must, or at least find out what you need to do to be GREAT!

5. Be a friend

Do I really need to write anything to prove my point? Karma baby!

6. Study and Read at your spare time

If you really do want to be GREAT, do not sit around and wait for internal classes or for someone to come around and tell you the secret to success, it is all about hard work, and you need to do a lot on your own. Get books, find an interest in your field and read, read, read and reflect.

7. Could you have done anything differently?

All right it might be Friday, most people are goofing off waiting for the weekend to start. There is a cold beer waiting at home and you are finally outta here! But wait, there is more, take 20 minutes look back at the week and imagine that you just got fired… What would you have done differently? I “mentally” quit my job once a month, because I always had the tendency to look back and think: “I wished I did that differently”… And “if I only”. Fight the if’s and make them happen.

8. Celebrate

If you reach a goal, or succeed even a little, celebrate. Keep a box of your favorite candy or whatever in your drawer and enjoy your little reward. And do feel free to share.

9. Do not become passive!

You are in control of your life. If you are unhappy at work or else in life, you are actually in the driver’s seat. What are you going to do about it? Everybody knows that just sitting in your car day in and day out without actually driving it might be boring. Unless it is brand new.

10. …

Please do feel free to provide my tenth point by leaving a comment…This might become a long list, depending on your input 🙂 Have a great day!

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  1. Big fan of number one. I like to create a checklist of things I need done that day, and not surface online or in email until its finished.

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