5 Gems About Motivation


5_gems_gifMotivation is within, and being able to motivate other is impossible. You can find inspiration in others, but you must be able to find motivation by yourself.

According to Wikipedia:
Motivation is the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior.

Motivation is a very interesting subject so the 5 Gems I have chosen today is all about motivation. I hope you might find some inspiration in them.

What if you visit TheHappyself.com today?
This is an amusing and surprisingly thought-provoking list of what ifs. Dayne’s blog is also worth exploring and his search for happiness might inspire others as well. The first gem of the day is What If…

I am always inspired and amazed by creative people, and Arswino Sonata’s 85 ways to motivate yourself. I just love to read this post one line at the time, and taste each line. And I am amazed that someone can make such a list. Great job Arswino Sonata.

Flip the coin again.
I just love this post. I have made big decisions in my life based on the flip of a coin; I once turned down a great job because the coin said I should stay put. I did not take the new job, and got my first ever promotion weeks later. Maybe I would have a great life if I decided to take the job, but I am happy with the results so far, so why bother. This is truly one great gem today. Raghav’s blog is a truly fresh blog as well with just a few visitors and just a few articles. And I am already looking forward to read more.
You do not need to flip a coin to read this great blog post.

Are you getting in your own way?
This question is amazing. It could have been one single blog post with just this question and that’s it! It gets you thinking. Unfortunately this blog is not frequently updated, but this single blog post is amazing. Just think of any challenge you might face and ask, are you getting in your own way! If this blog updates seldom but with this quality I will still follow.

So this brings us to the fifth gem about motivation, and what is more perfect then ending it with twist: Why Motivation doesn’t really matter. I like this article, and it is something that I find myself agreeing on maybe motivation is more drive and energy, and if it’s gone, you might be doing something wrong?

I tried to mend a set of rules for my five gems. I wanted to find 5 unknown blogs with high quality, but I found it hard to find five such blogs. Those I found was not great, or they were quite frequently visited or I could not find them at all, probably because they would not just appear in search engines. So I need to do a twist to my gems, and try to find blogs according to a predefined topic. Today I started with motivation. And it was much easier to find good juice when squeezing this orange.

I hope you will enjoy these five gems as much as I did. Please do e-mail me or give me a tweet if you find a gem I should know about.

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  1. Frode Heimen | August 28, 2009 at 8:49 pm |

    Hi Rhonda.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to be following your blog in the future.

  2. My Dear Frode,

    I want to personally thank you for including “Are You Getting In Your Own Way?”,on your 5 Gems report.

    I love your site and will reciprocate…

    There will be a new post out this week. I do only post every so often on this particular site, usually once or twice a month.

    Stay Healthy and Productive!


    Rhonda Giarraffa

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