A kick in my procrastination gland


I lack motivation to write on my blog these days. My blog has not been updated since the summer. So why am I not producing any content? How can I write about motivation if I lack motivation myself? How can I motivate myself to write? I don’t know to be honest. Right now I am just writing, not planning what the next line of text will be. I once read that to get going, you must open a document and start writing. Will this be published? Will I edit this? Or will it end up like a few other attempts as deleted?
I think I have decided that I will publish this as an Interview with myself and it should probably go like this:

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Today, I suddenly just put my laptop on my lap and started typing. This is the unedited edition.[/box] So why have you not been writing lately, all your fans is dying for fresh content from your master brain?

Thank you, this is a good question. I have been busy I guess. I am currently being a single dad, working full time and studying.

Well, writing a blog post should not take too much time?

You are right, I normally spend 30 minutes creating and publishing a post.

And you can’t afford to “waste” your precious time to produce content for your readers?

I think I am in a rut, I am not sure who all my readers are, and I tend to write to both leaders and employees, maybe I should focus on one group? I am actually thinking about closing this blog and start writing in Norwegian instead.

Wait, what? Are you crazy? Stop writing on this blog? 

Yes, I sometimes feel that I have said it all, or that all my knowledge somehow is documented on this blog already. It is hard for me to come up with more content.

You know that your readers are increasing in numbers?

 Yes, I know and somehow that creates a pressure to keep posting, not just another blog post, but another brilliant blog post. I know how important perfect language is, so maybe I will reach more people by writing in Norwegian, and since my career is in Norway, maybe it would help me to stand out as a professional at home, if I convert to Norwegian text. But I do absolutely appreciate all my readers, and I love it when I notice someone reading my blog in faraway remote places.

So what will it take to keep you producing on this amazing blog?

I don’t know. Maybe I should find a way to reduce the self-empowered pressure to always produce better quality? I also feel that I want to expand the topics out of the office space and also write more about happy living, but then I will feel that the blog name is wrong.

Happy living? What do you mean with that?

Well, my life, like yours have ups and downs, and my life have had some deep lows at times. I have been broke, divorced, unemployed, left behind, let down, not all at the same time, and still even when I feel sad and alone I feel happy as a whole. So I have been wondering a lot about why the frog am I shit happy when life sucks. And I feel like I have stumbled upon a way of thinking that keeps me happy even when I am down. I would like to share that with people around me, as our personal life has huge influence on our working hours, actually making life relevant for work, who would have figured?

Will we see more content from you in the future, or is this a goodbye?

No, this is not a goodbye, maybe just a kick in my procrastination gland. I would love input on topics or ideas. Or even questions to ask, I would love that.

Do you think your readers are still reading?

No, I lost them long ago, this post is really stretching now. And blog post should be short and to the point.

So how did this end up in the motivation section of your blog?

Well, as I said earlier on, I am following one advice and just started to write. I did not know that I would write at all 10 minutes before I started looking at this empty word document. And I had no Idea what to write about. Maybe I could prove that sometimes it is just about deciding to start?

If I could ask you one final question, what would that be?

Oh, that is a tricky one.  You can choose one…

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2 Comments on "A kick in my procrastination gland"

  1. Hi Barbara.
    Thank you for your great feedback. It was an inspiration to read and yet another motivation to keep writing.

    Life is a journey.


  2. Hi Frode

    I just read your incredibly courageous post about not knowing what to write, if to write or why. I think you are awesome for putting this out there. It seems you are not at all leaving your topic of great leadership. Instead you are demonstrating it through your humility and transparency and maybe starting to explore the deeper source of it all. The self. I KNOW we, your readers would LOVE to go with you on this journey. If you would share your personal insights about happiness, we will be right there with you. If it takes a little time to form, don’t worry. We will come back to see what you’ve got once you’ve got it.

    As for me, in addition to following you, I’ve been a management consultant in my own practice in the US and EU, and previously with a huge global firm for 15 years. I’ve been a humble, yearning student of great leadership all my life. Can’t think of anything more fun, funnier, or more engaging than exactly what I’m doing…and what you are doing.

    So let’s just carry on with the gift and the journey, whatever form it takes.

    Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “If you want to be in the flow, you cannot be attached to anything.”

    Wishing you great new discoveries, continued happiness and many thanks for all you’ve given us on this great journey so far.


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