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Never Mind the Manager is a blog about leadership, coaching, motivation and fun at work. The audience that I try to target is employees with ambition to become great, or even with ambitions to be promoted. I also target leaders and managers, preferably small business leaders, middle managers and team leaders. If you just got promoted to your first leading job, well this is the place for you.

The name Never Mind the Manager

The story behind the name is related to music. I wanted to move my blog away from the Blogspot site and to my own hosted WordPress blog at my own domain. But what should the name be? I was considering a lot of different ideas (now free ideas for you) like Cubicle Chronicles, workOnSpot, Winningwire, Going Concern, Bring on the boss, employee energizer. That day I was listening to “Never Mind the Bollocks” the only official record from the Sex Pistols, legendary British Punk band. Never Mind the Manager was the result of a coincidence while brainstorming, and not necessary based on some need to remove managers…

I dream about becoming a public motivational speaker. I also enjoy fishing, soccer and politics. But I will keep to the leadership subject at this blog. (Update: I did my dream, had my debut as a public speaker in Oslo May 4.th 2011)

I hope you will enjoy my blog. Happy reading.

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  1. Appmerica | June 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm |

    Hi. I love that you’re promoting a culture of fun, productivity without a high strain on management–neither top down or bottom up.  I was actually looking for a blog by you about how technology has helped HR via using cloud services but didn’t see anything.  Would be interested in talking to you about that.
    Patricia Dugan
    Associate Marketing Manager

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