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Me at work...I wear proper pants at my daily job as a department manager, even sometimes a tie. I like my job. But do not fear, sometimes I do get into my Batman-costume and just run around at the office once in a while.

I started at my current company in Feb. 2006 as a customer care consultant answering inbound calls. Within 8 months I was solving the most difficult cases. Within a year I was promoted to coach. And in May 2008 I was promoted to department leader in the very same department where I started out. A six digit number of customers rule my world. 37 people work with me. I am their humble servant. The company I work in is challenging 2. Place in the Norwegian Telecom market. Comparing the size of markets it would equal to me working at the second largest Telecom Company in Toronto, Canada. In the big picture we are still a small company.

By education I am a web master. And have been working with e-commerce development since 1999, for two and a half years professional. The last 6 years it’s been a hobby.

I have been working as a fork-lift driver, established and ran my own store for two and a half year. I have been working as a bartender, salesman and as a web designer. Most of my life I have been working with customers as a sales person. I have worked as department leader, daily manager and a store manager. I have done well in some jobs and failed in some; all in all I have learned a lot and still do learn each day.

Management is just one of my passions. My intension with the blog is to write down what I believe in, share my knowledge and learn from other great bloggers around the globe. Blogging gives me a great ability to reflect on subjects in a way that hopefully makes me a better leader. My goal is to become the best possible leader.

My interests are: Leadership, e-commerce, customer care, web development, soccer, music, art, coaching, fun at work and of course my family.

I am born on a cold Sunday night in November 1973; I am married and have two sons.

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Feel the urge to contact me? Use e-mail: frode.heimen@gmail.com

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