Action beats motivation – I am still alive.


Yes I am alive and kicking..I have lost my ability to write, I guess I suddenly came to a stop, realizing I had nothing more to say. My blog has not been updated for a long while. It comes down to motivation, doesn’t it? So what does it take for me to get motivated to write again? This is actually an interesting thought as I work with motivation each and every day. So what happened to me? How can I become productive again? And what does this have to do with motivation?

The divorce, the move, the new job, the single dad

I got happily divorced in December 2010, I moved to another part of the country, I started a new job as customer service manager with a lot of responsibility, my seven year old son lives with me, and my life was flipped upside down in weeks. Time became a valuable unit, work/life balance became important and achieving success in a new job became important. My motivation became to create a new beginning for me and my son. Writing and updating my blog took time I did not have.

So how can I get back to a regular schedule?

I will try to update once per week, probably during the weekend. And write in small portions during the week. Writing is a good mental break for me. This is how I “disconnect” and relax. I use writing as a tool for reflection, and I love to write… so get back on the horse.

At this point I am just taking action!

I realized that motivation is just one side of the coin. Motivation without action is just a dream. I realized this when I was running 10 kilometers the other day, that’s like a quadzillion miles for you American readers. I have been running 6 out of 7 days this year. I am not always motivated, I sometimes hate my running shoes, and I would love to just sleep. But still I manage to keep track of my program by just doing. Sometimes action beats motivation. No thinking, no excuse, no dwelling, just do.

So can I write on pure action?

Yes obviously I can, I am still trying to get motivated to update my blog, and I had no idea about what to write today. I just sat down in front of my computer with a blank page – staring at it for a little while, feeling a bit frustrated for a while. I deleted the original idea because I did not think it was good. But I kept going…

So what’s useful about this post?

Well first of all to get me back to writing again and hopefully to inspire you to take action for yourself? And I am learning that all updated to my blog doesn’t have to be groundbreaking news or deep insight. Maybe just saying “hello, I am still alive” is enough? The interesting thing is – while I have been “away” my blog kept growing, gaining more and more readers. So you should browse the rest of my blog for some more interesting reading, and I will try to get my brain to produce some more useful combination of words from the trenches.

Thank you for still reading. oh.. and remember to follow me on twitter…

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2 Comments on "Action beats motivation – I am still alive."

  1. Frode Heimen | March 23, 2012 at 7:14 pm |

    Hi Amir! Thank you for giving me inspiration to update my blog! All credits to this comment for todays update 🙂 Keep reading friend.

  2. Hi Frode,
    It’s great to finally see another post from you. I wad trying to hit your site from time to time but it’s been a while and nothing. Hope things are well with you and my friend, the only thing constant in this world is change. I hope you can faster settle down and get up to speed and we, audience, can catch with you and great posts. Again it was nice hearing from you again.

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