Aligning Your Life With Your Values


valueImagine you could find happiness? What would it look like? Imagine that you can do whatever brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment. What would you sacrifice to find happiness? It might just be a small adjustment according to what you do today. Maybe a few things you need to do more often, a few things you must stop to do and a few things you might just do differently? I do not have the answer, as it is asleep inside you.

So How Do You Align Your Life With Your Values?

You need to reflect. Think about emotions, what is making you happy? What is making you laugh? What is making you cry? What is making you angry? What is making you blue? What is giving you energy? And what is tiring to do? – Then what is the value you are honoring in those situations?

Example: At work your co-worker is unfocused and surf the web instead of working. This can make you angry – as you are a team player or very result oriented. Or it can make you sad because you know that your co-worker is not focused and you want to help him get back on track, you being caring and all that. Or maybe you joined in on the web surfing because he had so much fun. Humor is important to you.

Another way to find your values is to identify your role models and write down why you like them. As you describe each and every one of them you will find common descriptions, these are values you honor. I wrote about a 20 minutes exercise here: Green thumb your employees; How to make your employees thrive.

Identify Your Peak Moments

I am pretty sure that you have had moments in life where you where the ace. Moments that you enjoyed and felt unbeatable, these moments do hold some strong vitalizing values. What happened at this moment? Who was present? What was going on? At this moment you where dipping your toes in the right values. Identify these feelings and the values that match.

Identify Your Suppressed Values.

Another way to identify your values is to think about moments in your life where you where angry or felt frustrated. If you feel frustrated when your co-worker is slacking you might have productivity as a strong value.

Honor Your Top 3 Values.

If you can identify your most important values you might want to make sure that what you cherish the most is aligned with your life. If caring is strong, you might want to get involved in a charity organization. If health is important you might want to exercise. If knowledge is important you might want to join a class or get more education.

How do you honor your values today? Are you aware of your values at all?

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