Are you ready to succeed?


Are you ready to succeed? by Dr. Rao Srikumar

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting to my blog in a while. I have been busy working and reading. I have had the joy of reading Dr. Rao Srikumars book: “Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies to Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and Life” – This book has taken me on a journey within myself. This has been very interesting for me. I define leadership skills in levels, and I always urge to define what level I am on, and to what level am I going. The problem is that I do not know what the next level brings or what it contains. I do not define levels in promotions, but in skill and knowledge. When I heard Dr. Rao speak at google, I felt that this was my next path. I have not just read his book, but I have also done the exercises it provides. The result is interesting. Although I am by nature quite like the person Dr. Rao want me to be, it provides me with more awareness of myself and my mental being.

It might be hard to describe the effect the book have on me, because it provides me with no tools on how to become a better leader, but still it makes me a better leader as I am more aware of my mind and my inner dialogue.

The book is very interesting and it appeals to me because I agree with a lot of what he writes in the first place. If you really really badly desire something in life, the universe will work with you to get you there. I have experienced it myself many times. Why is it like this? The book will give you some hints.

Being positive.
I am a positive person; I do believe the best about people. I hear people on a regular daily basis talk negative about others, and I see how people are affected, even about people they have never met, suddenly they think less of the person. I do not think less of a person if other people talk negative about them, I think; “This is not my view of this person” – “I have not had any negative encounters with this person” – “Why do you feel you have the right to influence my opinion of a person in a negative matter?” – And it backfires on the person talking negative. This also helps me to prevent me from talking negative, because it is not in my right to give an opinion that can influence other people’s relationships in a negative way. This book point out that mental chatter (This is your inner dialogue) is negative by nature. It does judge people all the time, just think about it. You have a huge bad and ugly critic sitting inside your head. It does not only judge others, it also judges you. This book provides a guard post in your head. It teaches you to identify what is negative, and alert you. It helps you to be more positive.

Sit on a chair.
This book got me to sit on a chair for 30 minutes to try to do nothing. It was an interesting experience. I absolutely recommend you to read this book, not only if you are a leader, but also if you want to be more positive and happy. But I would rather say that you need to do the book, not just read it. It has a lot of exercises that needs to be done in order. And you must follow it step by step.

What did it do for me?
Not so much yet? I still do a lot of the exercises in the book on a daily basis, I do feel happier, and I do feel more aware of my own senses and mental statement. I do feel stronger after events that might be considered negative. My landlord called me the other day, saying that I need to move, because they need the space for themselves. I really like it here. Bad thing, and I need to do the hassle of moving. I did find a new place, with a better standard than this, with a great kitchen, with better location between my son’s kindergarten and my job. And it turns out that his best friend from kindergarten has just moved in next door to the new place. So is this a bad thing? Good thing?

And lately I have gotten a proof that the book is changing my life…

101st floor please!
I have been having a dream lately, two times just this week that I am in an elevator and going up high to 101st floor. I tried to Google dream and elevator today and found out that this dream means;

“Dreaming of riding upwards in an elevator may symbolize an easy upward
climb with no obstructions. As you move up in the world, you may feel that you
have the support of someone or the universe. Rising in an elevator may also
symbolize spiritual development or an increase in awareness with an ability to
rise above and view the world from an elevated standpoint.”

And after reading this book I do feel an increase in awareness, maybe I am suddenly standing on the next level of my development ladder? The dream interpretation does match my feelings. I do strongly recommend this book.

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