The benefits of coaching


Coaching is a great tool to help both leaders and employees to grow. But what happens? Why is coaching such a good tool? Today I want to explain a bit about the benefits of coaching.

We associate coaching with sports, with reaching goals. The obvious effect of a good coach is to make teams and individuals perform to new heights. But what is the magic powder? Coaching is not just about motivation.

two-way dialogueA good coach:

–          Challenge the way you think.

–          Improves your ability to reflect and learn from your past.

–          Improves your self-image and self-confidence.

–          Keeps you accountable.

–          Helps you to articulate your dreams.

–          Follows up.

It is amazing how a good coach can reach inside you and tweak your engine to challenge the world with a brand new confidence.

Personal note:
My life changed after a few hours with my first coach. I got a brand new perspective and outlook to life. My values came to the surface and for the first time, I knew how to build my life according to my values. Still after all these years, these first few hours keep working for me. The biggest change was for me to realize the value of knowledge and my hunger for more information was starving at the time. I became a better man for life.

So what in the world did Jan tell me?
He did not tell me much, he mostly asked me. He gave me challenges and had some tools to help me find my own powers. And this is what coaching is about. A coach is not an advisor or consultant, they are trained to listen – and they listen beyond what you are really saying to get you to the core.

The benefit of coaching is like staring into a mirror and seeing your own strengths.

I have been able to work harder, acquire new knowledge like never before and I have reached a lot of goals. I have also been able to share my knowledge, inspire others and help others grow. – A few bucks well spent by my boss. A few buck that will be well spent for you too.


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4 Comments on "The benefits of coaching"

  1. @robertdarionjones  Hi Robert. Thank you for the feedback and the book-tip. I will check it out.

  2. robertdarionjones | February 15, 2013 at 9:36 pm |

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on coaching, Frode. This has really made me re-think the benefit of it and I had not realized that it was so helpful. Bill Sims, Jr. writes about how to motivate people in his book, Green Beans & Ice Cream, which I highly recommend as the author takes you into a deeper understanding of human behavior, especially in the workplace. You can learn more about the author here:

  3. @LPolachek1 Hi Lori. Coaching in schools would do wonders, to bad they are not coaches… But I see teachers classified as brilliant, they use coaching as a tool to get their students to love to learn. If I can teach my kid on thing: Be curious about learning. Thanks for your comment, you brought in a particular wonderful area where coaching should be mandatory.

  4. Imagine the nation’s classrooms lead by teachers that are trained as coaches- that help students beyond content delivery, to find their best strengths by….
    –     Challenging the way they think.
    –          Improving their ability to reflect and learn from their own past experiences
    –          Improving their self-image and self-confidence.
    –          Keeping them accountable.
    –          Helping them to articulate their dreams.
    –          Following up.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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