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One of the few things I do as a leader is to keep trying new stuff, and to push myself forward. I have been spending some time now, growing some ideas to a book and have spent some time outlining a draft or a script if you like. I am planning to try to get my first e-book published at the end of this summer. This means that my blog won’t be just as frequent updated. But I will try to get one post pr week, and keep you updated on my progress with my book, and maybe you might be able to help me to stay motivated. I have decided that everybody that subscribe to my blog by e-mail shall receive a special offer when the book is out. I will not reveal the title or the topic yet.

Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. A nice post .. will be waiting for your updates and the book too ..

    here is my blog .. hope u like it .. and plz comment .. its valuable 🙂

    Preethi Anusha’s last blog post..

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