Born to be great!


Some are born to be great, and some can achieve greatness. But what is great, and why do we want to be great? And do we actually need to be great? Is great the same as famous? Is it fame? Money? Glory? Or just plain ambition that drive us to be great? When are we great enough?
This is what I am twisting my mind around today. I have one goal that I follow; I want to be the best possible leader. I want to evolve to the next level. This does not mean that I want a promotion. It means that I want to learn more than I know today, and practice it better at work. I think a lot of people assume that it is all about promotions and positions. I believe that it is all about knowledge, wisdom and guts. Why do you work hard to get a promotion, and still chase even new promotions? Do you know where this will end? You being in a job you can’t handle.

Do a great performance.
I believe we need to focus more on the talents and skills we got, and how we can use them better and improve them. Focusing on being great where you are must be your primary goal at all times. If you get offered a promotion, be careful. Are you equipped to handle it?

Talent extraordinary.
Some do have great talent, and will achieve fame and fortune, like musicians or actors. And some might work hard to achieve greatness like famous business leaders. These people reach the stars and become famous because they attract a great audience. A huge audience is an indicator for you being famous, but not for greatness. You can have a group of few thinking you are the best, making you great.

The good feeling.
So why do we want to be great? Does it do something for our self narcissistic ego drive? It is all about handling your life. If you manage what you do and have a feeling of control you start to feel good about yourself, you get a positive energy. And at the point you are in control and know what you are doing, you are on the breach of being great. Being mediocre is bad for your self esteem. And suddenly you start to improve your skills, and you know that you are good at what you do. At this point you might be great enough! And further development might just be driven by other factors than greatness.

The inward journey! A look in the mirror!
When will I be great? What is great enough for me? And why do I want to be great? I have been reflecting a bit lately. I am currently travelling a journey within. For the last six months I have had experienced a clear view about whom I really am and what I want to be. I feel in control at work, I am experiencing leadership each day and I feel that I improve all the time. Yet still I feel like a kid at the first day of school. There is so much to learn and I want to learn more. When it comes to work I feel that I am at the right step of the ladder. I feel ambition to succeed over time where I am right now. I will rather succeed as a department manager than fail as a CEO or another higher position. It might seem like I am scared for a greater challenge, but I am not. I do not feel the need right now, as I still have a lot to learn at my current job. I want to be great enough to feel confident at what I do at all times. I want to be great enough to continue to develop as a leader. In the end I am very satisfied if I can create greatness in the people that surrounds me. As I keep typing I realize that I do not want to be great, I want all those around me to be great.

This is great.
I like music, and I really like great music. Today I heard a guitar player from my home town playing, he might not be famous yet, he might not be a commercial success yet, but he is great. Enjoy. – And this is the reason I wrote about greatness, so I could share this video.

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