Can one sentence change your life?


soccer_kidA young soccer player at the age of 14 has his entire life been spending most of his career on the bench, with a low point in his career going to Norway Cup, the largest soccer tournament in the world for kids, being benched in all matches and played zero minutes in a tournament that this kid was looking forward to. The winter was long and a new season started, and due to one player moving to another part of the world he got his first match this season. He ran up and down the left wing of the field feeling that it went alright. After the match one of the other’s dad came up to him and said: “what the h…., have you been doing this winter?” – The kid felt the world crumble and was ready to be yelled at for poor performance when this man said; “you played very good out there, you have truly improved greatly since last year”. The kid played each game the rest of the season and continued to play frequently for another four years on junior levels. For the first time in his life, he felt that he could manage to do something right.

This same kid grew up and started his own record store at the age of 19. He talked with one of his customers one day that said; “You might not make it with this store, but you have great visions, you will make it great, and I am sure we will see greatness from you.” – The store closed two years later.

At the age of 24 he went to a motivational seminar, listening to former pro road racing cyclist Dag Erik Pedersen ( He said: “it is all in your mind, and if you really want to achieve something you will, if you put your mind into it” – It resulted in this now grown up kid quitting his job, and educated himself to a web master title, getting his dream job as a web designer within two years. He also believes strongly in the human capacity to perform to great extremes.

A few years later he started his leadership career with a feeling of not having the natural authority until another kid once told him; “You are scary“– This made him realize that he had grown as a leader and that he had respect, also changing his approach towards future employees completely.

These four small sentences have changed my path completely, and almost isolated transformed me from an insecure little kid to a self secure man with great confident in myself and others. I am now the man that can give short sentences to other kids. I have lately told my nephew that I am proud to see how he displays his soccer talent, and that I am sure that he can make it to become a pro if he wants to. I told my oldest kid that I was proud when he took a beating from his little brother without retaliating, talking about this great quality that he should honor in the future. I have told employees that they hold a great future as leaders. I try to share my short life changing sentences. They might not change anything, they might be forgotten tomorrow, but if one person will remember what I said and this was a life changing moment… Well I know the impact of one single sentence how it can totally alter your self-confident.

What is your life changing sentence?

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