Celebrating 100.000 visits to my blog!


I have been blogging on this blog since April 2009 and today I will receive visitor number 100.000. Wonder who it will be? 46 % chance it will be an American.  And if you are American, there is 13 % chance you are from California, followed by New York and Texas. There have been 189 nationalities on my blog. Chances are that you are from Benin or Togo is slim, only one visit from these countries. There is 88 % chance that you are a new visitor. You might be female aged between ages 34-44, females lead by a few percentages.

I have had a blast blogging for you guys and I will keep on blogging for the next 100.000 visitors as well. I hope you enjoy my blog, because I love to write it.

Visitor # 100.000 is from: Saskatoon

Visitor number 100.000 is from Canada. And the visitor came from a google search and was reading: This article about Micromanagement.

Have a great day!

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2 Comments on "Celebrating 100.000 visits to my blog!"

  1. Frode Heimen | May 29, 2012 at 10:21 pm |

    Hi Steve! Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 Ready to co-arrange a seminar in Norway soon? 🙂

  2. Steve Roesler | May 29, 2012 at 1:20 pm |

    Frode, congratulations on this milestone! I’ve been following your blog since it started and I believe the reason for its success is this; you write from the standpoint of someone who has managed “inside” every day. Your real-life experiences, stories, and learning have helped many readers.
    Continued success with your new business venture!

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