Challenging Status Quo.


No, I am not going to challenge an old rock band. I find management easy when the times are tough, when there is a challenge around every corner, and stuff we do can become better. The good times on the other hand puzzle me over and over again. Is good times great times? I define good times as the point when we reach the top of the graph and the line flattens out. We do what we do great and we create the results we need. But is that good enough? When good times roll, I’ll get scared. There are a few options, keep on going straight forward, crash or take it to a brand new level.
My company has big ambitions, can we than be pleased if we produce great results? Do great result necessary means that we are progressing? I am not so sure about that. Great result could mean that we just keep going at the same pace, like an airplane on an air strip, I won’t settle for even speed. I would like to lift off.
I do not like to sit around and run the plane into the fields at the end of the runway. What do you think about good times? Will even speed make us lift off in the long run? I would love to here more about this topic.

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