Co-active Coaching: Time for homework.


Today I have started at the training at Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals in Oslo, and I am spending the weekend in Oslo attending this course. And yeah, we got homework. We are supposed to find three skills that we need to improve from a rich variety of coaching skills. And I think I am very clear about my weaknesses as a coach. A coach is a person who helps the client to find his way to whatever goal the client has. This meaning that the coach should be a person that challenge the clients thinking to get from where the client is today to a set goal in the future. My biggest challenge is that I often find myself as an instant problem solver. I hear you say you have a problem, let me present you with MY solution to this problem. The problem with the advising approach is that I present a solution that might not fit the client. Instead I should be more patience and try to help the client find a solution on their own terms, and find a way to keep the client accountable to this new found goal.

I don’t think that being an advisor in a coaching session needs to be negative, but being a coach I should always be aware of the clients’ needs and if they get stuck, ask for permission to provide a possible solution. – I also find it hard to know the borders between advising and challenging. What is the big difference really? Guess a challenge is more taking the client into accountability on their own terms, while advising is on my terms?

I really feel that coaching have transformed my life. Both being coached, and being able to coach other people to reach their potential.

As you understand, writing is for me a good way to reflect, and I hope to keep improving my coaching skills in the future. The class I am attending is step one of three to becoming CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). – And yes that is a dream. I have been working with a coaching leadership style for about 5-6 years and had a lot of coaching experience. I have read plenty of books and I have shared a lot of knowledge on this blog. But when my potential clients ask me about my background, and I must reply: “I am an educated webmaster”, they would rather have me to design their webpage. And I am not doing this for the document at the end. I also get to meet equal minded people and learn a lot. As a coach you must have a curious mind and always keep learning – in order to be better prepared for that next client that walks in your door.

Well this is just a few thoughts from the hotel room in Oslo. Now it is time for a workout soon. I wish you all a great weekend.

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2 Comments on "Co-active Coaching: Time for homework."

  1. FrodeHeimen | March 14, 2013 at 1:02 pm |

    @HelenJFisher Thanks for the kind words. My philosophy is simple. Keep improving 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great day!

  2. HelenJFisher | March 14, 2013 at 11:26 am |

    How refreshing that you are so honest to declare that you don’t have all the answers, through your admittance of wanting to improve in this area! I would love to see more people get honest about this. We are all human, none of us omnipotent (even the newly elected Frank!) so rather than sell the “Guru” approach, use the human to human approach to inspire and coach! Nice job!

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