Customer service report: Lux Belle Mare – Rolling the dice to seven


People, I just got married in paradise – this is the customer service experience report from our recent wedding and honeymoon in this amazing resort in beautiful Mauritius. We stayed at Lux Belle Mare from 05th to the 18th of July 2017.

Lux Belle MareThe very first huge thank you goes to Jennifer who arranged our wedding. She has a wonderful smiling personality and is in control of everything. She did not stop there but also assisted us during the entire stay for any large or little request. We will absolutely miss her and her amazing organizational skills. She was never more than a few minutes away, and could fix anything with what seems to us like no effort at all. From my customer service view she would be a gem for any company that provide services to humans. She made us feel like friends, not just friends, but welcome friends.

We were greeted by smiles and warmth – after a week I told my wife that I see other people here, but I feel like we must be the only guests at the resort. But the other guests probably felt the same way! It started with a special “pick-me-up-tea”-thing and a nice cloth to wash our face and hands – it was a nice little touch that got us going after 24 hours on the road. From then on, everywhere we went we were met with smiles and good people that truly cared. Like my good friend Manish said at K-bar: I don’t consider you customers, but guests in my house” – Manish served killer good drinks and was always attentive. His attitude was not his alone, but he articulated it and it was point on to what we felt – guest in their home.

Our breakfast was best served by Dolores. Smiling, fun and attentive. She knew our seating preferences and coffee choices and even knew about our early bird friends whereabouts. She served us with wit and a warm sense of humor. Breakfast at home will never be the same again.
We had our honeymoon dinner at Amari by Vineet an amazing Indian restaurant established by Michelin-star chef Vineet Bhatia. If you like food at all, this is the top place to go. We were greeted by Roopesh, the restaurant manager and his team: Raveena and Veeru. They managed to serve us in style to provide the same quality as head chef Subi Mungroo. This is the best restaurant experience ever – rolling the dice to seven.

Bilal making great coffee at Cafe Lux

Bilal making great coffee at Cafe Lux

Lux Belle Mare has its own coffee bar – again state of the art customer service. The coffee was so tasty and interesting. A lot of tastes to choose from, and interesting nitro-coffee and slow brewing coffee. It is easy to be lost in words, but Bilal asked me to mention him if I would do a review. If he only knew that I already was planning to do this due to his great spirit and uplifting humor. It saddens me to say that I had a little stomach flu the day I left and I lost my last chance to another Flat White with Vanilla.


© Time capture photography

© Time capture photography

The photos for our wedding was taken by local photographer Sachin Aubeeluck at Time capture photography ltd. He was backed by a team of assistants and paid great attention to details. I would absolutely advise anyone who gets married on Mauritius to hire a local photographer. Obviously he knew the spots, he understood the lighting and he knew exactly what he needed to do to create great photographs. Best of all he provides state of the art customer service. Our photo album was complete within days with a 30 minutes edited video. We were quoted with options and prices up front and he delivered on his promises. A few days into our honeymoon he showed up at our hotel and took us through the album and video. He explained why he did what he did and we were blown away by the service and the quality. Our recommendation when it comes to Mauritius – do not bring your own photographer or sugar – they got both and we were in very good hands.

What does this have to do with Customer Service? I have been working with customer service for a long time already – and no this post is not at all sponsored, but the service is worth a mention if I am blown away. I am sure that this great service start with hiring positive, smiling and caring people – then they are well trained and organized. We noticed a culture for feedback where the beach waiter asked systematical questions for feedback in “normal conversation” – I also noticed that several people did so when they made small talk. Questions like: What restaurant you like the best. If we were happy and so on. If we somehow managed to answer in a way that could be interpreted as we were just mediocre satisfied – then they had some kind of internal feedback and Jennifer would know – I think Mauritians might be telepathic. But all in all, this crew is trained to not settle with outstanding – they have to go beyond. That is why I too, must go beyond in my review.

Does this great customer service have any economic benefit? (Look at me spreading the word) Yes, we will return – sooner than later. Because we will miss the food, the climate, the service, the coffee and we will miss our new-found friends. We will be coming “home” again – there is no other place on Mauritius for us. I told Manish that Vanilla Rum and his service is reason enough to return, but all staff mentioned and unmentioned made our trip two weeks to remember – no one rolled the dice below seven in this heaven. More importantly for Lux Belle Mare, I tell all my family and friends about our great trip.

To all of you! – Thank you!


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