Define your service goals.


I assume in this article that you know what is important for your customers. Today you shall create a service goal paper.

What’s that?
A service goal is a piece of paper that you should live by, or at least read once in a while. Service goals is not how we shall do stuff, but how the customer shall experience it all and get good feelings from dealing with you. There are three things we need to focus on.

The customer shall experience that I:
My co-workers shall experience that I:
In my surroundings I will:

Create a fresh word document and do like this:
My Service goals.

The customer shall experience that I:

  • Answer the phone politely.
  • Focus on the customer, no other task is more important.
  • Try my best to solve the problem.
  • Listen to them and understand what they are saying.
  • I am professional at all times.
  • Keep my promises.
  • Know my products and prices.
  • I will complain on behalf of the customer, if he is not satisfied and I cannot solve the problem. Follow the case thru, and get back to the customer.
  • I am honest.
  • Explain to them without technical terms.
  • Say hi, hello, thank you and goodbye with sincerity.
  • Am finished with other cases when I answer the phone.

My co-workers shall experience that I:

  • Am positive about the company I work in.
  • Do not talk down on anyone.
  • Am always on time.
  • Care.
  • Never complain about hopeless customers.
  • Am focused on always becoming a little bit better.
  • Help the sales department to sell by providing leads.

In my surroundings I will:

  • Manage to put my coffee mug in the dishwasher.
  • Keep my surroundings tidy.
  • Put on fresh coffee if I take the last cup.
  • Make sure my co-workers have fun.

By creating this piece of paper you will focus on the tasks in front of you. It will help you to see what is important for you, for your customers and for your co-workers. No need to say that you must create your own points depending on your job, customers and surroundings. And it will be a great guide on your own behavior. After a while this paper will most likely end up in the drawers. When you pick it up the next time, think about if you have managed to reach your service goals, and then clean up your messy desk, put the last five dried out left over coffee mugs in the dishwasher, and stop talking shit about the annoying co-worker that always leave the coffee machine empty. Oh… yeah! That was you. Easy to forget!

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