Did you know? You are currently my valued customer!


It suddenly struck me like lightning. I am writing about my customers at work, I am writing about good customer care toward any business customer. And here we are you and me, right in the middle of it. You, my very valued reader are currently my customer. And I am supposed to meet and exceed your expectations to this blog. Wow, did I really need to write 23 posts to figure this out. I know you are not a paying customer, but still I have something I would like to present to you. I am deeply sorry for not seeing clearly at an earlier stage. I do hope you like my blog? I do hope you appreciate that I write in advance and can announce scheduled updates like I have been doing for the last ten days. (Take a look in the top right corner.)

What do you expect from visiting my blog?
Do you expect to learn something new? Do you want to find tools, which can help you save your day? Are you looking for great pictures?
I hope that I manage to share my knowledge and experience for you to benefit from. I even hope I manage to make you smile. As my customer right here, right now you manage to make me smile. As the returning visitor graph keep growing I smile, feeling that someone out there get something in return for visiting my blog. That makes my day.

Know your customers!
A common tip in most management books is to know your customers. I do not know most of my readers, except from the few at work, forced to read this blog, and of course my wife, steady reader, thank you. Up till now you have just been a number in the statistics page. And I find this terrible. I will try to guess. Most likely you are interested in leadership, management and motivation. I think that one was the safest. You might be a leader. Not necessary the head chief, but maybe like me somewhere in between. Maybe you are a team leader, floor manager or something like this. I guess for some strange reason that most of you are males. I hope I am wrong. Most of my readers are from the USA, but I have so far had readers from more than 60 different countries. So I might be right if you are an American. Most likely you are between 24 and 55. Or you might be an employee looking for ways to improve your work, if that is the case, I would love it if you worked for me.

What have I (not) done with my blog to exceed your expectations?

  1. I have not yet offered you any free price.
  2. I have tried to write enough to keep on giving you a new post every other day. And all my posts are announced in the top right corner. Hope you like that.
  3. I have installed an online help center and redecorated it into a live “chat with me gadget” –although nobody have ever used it yet. Please do test it. It is kind of neat. And it will give me a great opportunity to get to know you.
  4. I have not had pictures of half naked women. (Not an offending link)
  5. I strive to write correct English, without misspelling. If anything is, it is not my fault, please do blame my spellchecker.
  6. Hopefully you have learned something; maybe you got help to view a topic from more than one point.
  7. I have a blog roll to the right, with the blogs I enjoy and have learned a lot from, I hope you will too.

How can I get to know you better?
If you are a steady reader and also on facebook, please feel free to add me as a friend. Do also join the facebook group: The Leadership Network.

Hopefully some of you will try out my online chat gadget, look for the “I am online”- icon in the top right corner.

Maybe you could guest post? Please e-mail me at frode.heimen@gmail.com if you would like to.

Or just please drop me a few lines in the comment field. Who are you? What do you do for a living? Did you like my blog? Do I meet your expectations? And I would love to hear all about it if I did not.

And finally; Thank you so much for reading my blog, you do make me happy.

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