Do You Have the Right Job in the First Place?


This is “snatched” from my book in progress. I am currently writing a book with the working title: “How to Become a GREAT Employee and Succeed at Work” – This is from the preface, raw, yet unedited. I have only one ambition and it is to write around 100-120 pages packed with good tips on how to become a great employee. I am so far written 75 pages and have drafts for yet four more chapters. I hope you enjoy this little preview.

Before you start to read this book, we need to determine if you have the right job in the first place, as this is a major but not the most important factor in how to become a great employee. Even if it turns out that you are in a dead end job, you should read this book; try this out for a couple of months and return to this exercise, maybe your opinion turns out to be a change in progress.

How great is your job today?

On a scale from one to ten, where one is worse and ten is best, how much do you enjoy work today?

Inventory Items Score
How well is your boss performing today? (1-10)  
How good is your office climate? (1-10)  
How nice is your co-workers? (1-10)  
How much do you enjoy your daily tasks (1-10)  
How functional are your equipments? (1-10)  
How motivated are you in the morning? (1-10)  
(Fill in other important aspects of your job)  
Total score  
Average score  

 Feel free to add other important aspects of your job, like parking space, if that is important to you, or your salary, it is up to you to decide what is important. You can also leave out some of the already mentioned Inventory Items. 

Add it all up and divide by the number of scored items. Find your average score.

Did you score below 4 points?

You should really consider changing your job as soon as possible, you are most likely unhappy at work, and going to work is draining your energy. But do not quit just yet. If you read this book and come back to this exercise in a month or two, you might end up in the “it is still hope for me” – category.

Did you score between 4 and 7 points?

This book is really mostly written with you in mind. This is the “it is still hope category”. You have great possibilities to contribute to your own progress over the next few months by following the steps and exercises provided in this book. If you are reading this book for the second time and have improved from four or less points, congratulations, you can do it.

Did you score more than 7 points?

Wow! Congratulations, it sounds like you have a dream job. You might be very lucky indeed. But there might still be a thing or two to learn even for you. Many of the things you do at work might be a habit, and you might not really think about what’s really the reason for your job happiness? What is behind the score that you provided? And you might even learn a trick or two on how to get the people around you to share in on your joy.

I am not sure if this ever will be published, my goal is to write about 100-120 pages. I might get it published, if not I will end up with a great pdf document to provide for my much appreciated readers. There is a saying, that I hope will inspire you as much as it do inspire me: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

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  1. Good survey. Kind of reminds me of the Q12. But more focused on you than on your work and boss.

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