Dust From the Back of my Closet


Looking at old blog postsI am browsing my blog today. I have been blogging about leadership and motivation since June 2008. I decided to look back to find the old dusty posts that’s all forgotten. I am walking down memory lane shining light into the darkest places of my blog. Looking back at these old posts is refreshing my memory. I hope you will enjoy this day at the museum as much as I did today. I found five blog posts with a lot of dust on them.

Lift the Spirit

I was for sure experiencing a great time at work in June 2008, I can still remember the day I wrote this blog post, I was so happy that the mood was so good. It was summer, it was fun.

The True Motivation

I love this blog post about motivation, I have referred to these homemade graphics many times, and I use them all the time at work. You will find a good way to add value at work by following these instructions.

Vision By Memo

This blog is about receiving the vision statements from the CEO by memo. A vision for the company should start at the floor and move up the ranks. Unfortunately most companies round up their leaders and send them to Vision Boot Camp to find directions, not asking the locals about direction to the cabin. The locals equal the people on the floor.

I Offer You 22.000 dollars…

Ok, I was probably in a bad mood when writing this criticism of my local grocery store. I am very focused on customer care and this bite when I am the customer. Read this about the consequences of bad customer support.

Do You Know the Cost of Employee Turnover

In August 2008 I wrote about employee Turnover Costs. This is a topic that is still very close to my heart. It is expensive to have a high turnover among employees. There is also a link here to turnover calculators.

I will stop at five blog posts for now. The dust is making me sneeze. It is easy to see that my blog have had progress over the past few years as the headliner now have more readers in a few days than these all have together. I hope you will have fun reading, and I think you are awesome! Remember to subscribe to my blog

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