Empathy Is The Invisible Hand


I am browsing new terrain today, I like to do that sometimes. Today I asked about motivational blogs on twitter, and got some response, I got a tip from Randi Buckley to check out Marion Chapsal’s blog, and this is where I found this great video. It is ten minutes long, but worth watching. Enjoy!

Keep reading below the video for more findings…

Marion’s blog, where I found this video is targeting female readers. According to statistics, my blog attracts above average of female readers compared to similar blogs. So to my female readers check out: http://geronimo.typepad.fr/ – It looks good at first glance.

Randi Buckley was a big tipper today and also guided me to this blog:

As thanks to Randi, check out her blog as well: http://www.randibuckley.com/

Another great connection made today, Geoff Snyder. http://geoffsnyder.com  I like his blog, and listed it in my blogroll. Take a look, you might find it inspiring.

I am listening to Bruce Springsteen right now, since I am in Norway, it is getting late, and I am of to bed. I hope you enjoyed these findings as much as I did. Good night.

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  1. Hello Frode!
    It’s only now that I can read the kind recommendation you made to my blog. Thank you!
    Now I have migrated to wordpress, so you will find me at

    And it’s not only for women, as I have noticed more and more men are reading my blog and experiencing also very similar issues.
    Moreover, I believe that companies need to be really “gender -bilingual”, and both men and women would benefit from exporing each perceptions and representations in order to learn to dance the 21rst century Leadership dance!
    marion chapsal recently posted..Mummy- I Want to be a Housewife!

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