I was just surfing around the Internet looking for interesting news and articles when I stumbled upon a web site that specializes in and sell “Employee Surveillance Solutions”. They inform that the system can keep track of and monitor; Application Activity, Internet Activity, Documents Activity and much more. Do we really need to monitor our employees that much? Where is the trust? I have a system telling me when they arrive at work, how many calls they complete in what times. I do not want or need to monitor more. I do not want to know if Mr. Doe sends a sexy e-mail to his wife. I do not need to know what my employees do when they are on a break. I have employees sitting at the office at evenings doing online education programs; I do not need to know that. I believe that it can be easy to over monitor. I also believe that if the employees don’t feel watched at all times, they can find place for both play and work. If I work on a presentation I might surf the net for inspiration, if some watch dog showed up asking me about exaggerated use of the net I would quit almost on the day.

Not monitor at all?
I have employees that have a natural drive to be the best, and compete against each other. How many calls did you make? What is your average handling time? This information is made available to our employees, as not having these data would make them less productive. We recently changed our entire caller system to a different provider, resulting in the lack of these data for some weeks. The efficiency dropped by almost 20 % in this period. But hey! All we see is the same as our employee sees. (As far as I know…suddenly getting a bit paranoid.) The rest is all about trust.

Have experience with surveillance systems at work? What did you get out of that?

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