Financial turbulence and why you should stick with your job.


Morguefile_CIMG9873Iceland is almost up for sale, Norwegians want to buy and the financial pitfall is traveling around the world, making room for unsafe times. A lot of people do worry about their jobs; unemployment is predicted to skyrocket within months. You loans are overdue and you find yourself in quick sand. You need to raise more money to make ends meet, and your job won’t pay more because of liquid problems. Oh no you need to find another job!

Stay just where you are.
My advice is to stay put. Do not change your job. Right where you are now you probably have some seniority. You have most likely been there longer than others. When you company meets the crisis and is forced to implement layoffs you might be in a safe spot because layoffs are often done by a “Last in, first out” – I do not agree about this, but laws might prevent one from acting different. If you change job, you are for sure last in putting yourself in the line of fire.

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