Five Blog Posts Worthwhile Reading.


5_gems_gifI have spent the last few days reading a lot of blogs, and I want to share some of my recently discovered gems. There are an unknown numbers of blogs out there, and I discover new great blogs all the time. I have selected five blog posts that I really enjoyed reading this week; they are all “fresh” and recently posted by their authors. Today I want to share what I have found with you.

Gina Abudi
I just found Ginas Blog. And found a lot of interesting reading here. Gina Abudi is the Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, for the Boston University Corporate Education Center. And her blog is a breath of fresh air. I would like you to read: “Make the training stick” – Two thumbs up.

When the heat is on
It is summer and we all know how the heat can make us slow. Here are some ice cold tips to enjoy while eating your well deserved ice cream. Read How to stay cool by Tara Craig

Delegation for Growth
Delegating is a great tool for success. This blog post from Malcolm O. Munro gives you a hand on solution on how to handle employees that do not like that you delegate tasks to them. Read Malcolm’s words on delegation here.

What leaders focus on
I found this article on the leadership coach blog. It is a great reminder about focus. Well worth reading.

Positive Leadership
Finally I would like to recommend this great article from Dr. N. Elizabeth Fried. It is a good article, providing a problem and a solution.

“Conflict can lead to opportunity. Conflict that is managed effectively can lead to growth for individuals and teams. Organizations that have a culture of handling conflicts in a positive manner often reap the benefits.”
Read her Leadership Lesson: Leading Positively

Hope you all enjoy these few recommendations.

Are you a blogger? I would like to challenge you to find five gems to share with your readers. I would recommend that you try to find five (for you) new blogs, and challenge your own readers to do the same; maybe we will be able to find great blogs that deserve some light. And it is a great way to find new great content on the web. You have been challenged!

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3 Comments on "Five Blog Posts Worthwhile Reading."

  1. Frode Heimen | July 14, 2009 at 5:41 pm |

    Hi Steve.
    I was thinking it would be nice to find “new” blogs and present them. I often get trapped surfing the same sites over and over again. So looking for new ones is fun. 🙂

  2. Frode:

    Nice touch. These are five bloggers I haven’t read before and am headed in their direction based on your recommendation.

    Steve Roesler’s last blog post..Leadership Expectations and Self-Trust

  3. Hi Frode,

    What a nice mention of my blog…thank you very much! It is greatly appreciated. I will tell you that I find your blog to be a terrific read and follow it regularly!

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

    Gina Abudi’s last blog post..Poll Question: How Do You Know that Training Has Been Effective?

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