Fun Result Based Monday


Fun at work is essential for success, results are essential for fun to appear. I bet you will agree that results won’t surface in a hostile environment. This is why hard work and fun is the true Romeo and Juliette at the office. I have been to some seminars about fun at work and just a few touches the importance of results. Good results give you the power and confidence to stand tall in everyday life. And one more thing; it starts at Monday morning.

Monday Morning Blues

I don’t like Mondays – A major hit at the end of the 1970’s by Boomtown Rats, vocals by Bob Geldof inspired by a tragic shooting. Mondays are considered a reasonable falling down day. The rain stops somewhere between Sunday and Monday morning, the weekend is to short and it is back to work. So how can we make work fun fast on Monday morning?

Monday Morning Kick off

Start the day by writing down two different goals, one goal for Monday and one goal for the entire week. These goals must be measurable. Put them down on a sticky note or on a piece of paper that you can attach to your computer screen or somewhere else your eyes tend to focus. (No! Putting a sticky note on a hot co-worker is not acceptable!) Do not worry too much about reaching the goal yet. Check your score against the note when the day is over. Maybe you did not reach your goal? Maybe you did? Now write down your “high score” you will keep this number for the rest of your week, and your goal is to beat your own high score.

Cherish you co-workers

Grab the can of coffee from the coffee machine and walk around pouring coffee with a smile to your fellow sleepyheads as they come in to work. Talk to people you meet.

I have given my blog a brand new design. – I have just finished the redesigning of my blog. I hope you enjoy my new layout. What I want to achieve is a blog that makes it easier for you to find interesting articles. Sorry for the interruption, keep reading…

Get up to speed

Get into first gear straight after your goals are set. Strive for the results first. You have made every coffee addict happy, now it is time to play ball. Give it your best to get the results that will provide you with a great day. If you reach your goal it is time to celebrate. Figure out your way of celebrating, it might be anything from a walk away from the desk, a short break or anything you can think of that can make you smile.

Have a happy Monday, anybody have any great tips for Tuesday?

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  1. The few times that I have started to get the wheels turning on Sunday, if only for an hour, have dramatically affected my ability to get up to speed on Monday. Key words in that sentence being “the few times”. : )
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Frode

    Another good way to start off the week is with something new…like a blog re-design.

    It looks very good and is easy to navigate. Nice job.

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