Go to the ant, thou sluggard, consider her ways, and be wise

Home of the wise ant © Frode Heimen

Home of the wise ant © Frode Heimen

I went to the ant today or actually for a day of in the forest. Relaxing and getting out into nature is something all people should do once in a while.

But I did sit down to study an ant working hard at the ground. It was pulling a small stone ten times her size. It did almost not move the stone at all, but it moved slowly. I was wondering what purpose it had. I was wondering how long it would keep working and if it would come back the next day and continue moving this small stone all the way back home?

Hardworking Small Ants
My first thought when thinking about ants is “hardworking”. So if I should learn from the ant, I must work hard. The ants seem to be working all the time. But how would I tell if the ant actually is playing? Is it having fun?

Focused – One Task at the Time
The ant with the stone would not stop moving this stone. It kept going and did not give up. I was wondering if it would quit and search for a smaller stone or maybe for something else. But no, I followed this one ant for a long time and it kept on pulling the stone. I am sure that the ant will make it sooner or later, just because she focuses on this only task. I learn from the ant to be focused, and to handle one and one task in order.

Teamwork Makes Stuff Move
I did not see this today, but I have seen several ants before working on moving one object. The fabulous buildings they provide as well are a great result of teamwork. There seems to be different teams for different tasks. Maybe if the team focuses on its strengths it will bring in more success?

Participate in the Society
These little ants work together for the benefit of the society, creating and building a strong community for themselves. Maybe this is telling me to engage in community work or local politics?

Close the Door if it’s Raining
The ants have small leaves laying next to its entrances, if it starts raining a door ant will move the leaf to cover the entrance, leaving the rain out of the tunnels.

There might be something to learn from the ant about work ethics, and about work ethics only. There is a work life balance and it is important to relax and recover as well. I just spent the day in the forest with my wife and kids enjoying the sun, the warm weather and a nice cup of coffee. On the other hand I do not know what the ant is doing when the sun sets; maybe it is all fun and games, getting ready for tomorrow?
A last lesson to learn from ants is to watch out for joggers, they move fast and can hurt you!

Have a nice and wise day!

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  1. Frode Heimen | May 12, 2009 at 7:11 pm |

    Hi GL Hoffman.
    The nature is amazing. 🙂 Hope to see you back on my blog soon, keep on reading.

  2. I have not ever thought much about ants til now, although I admit to a bit of fascination with them. Now, I know why, with your brilliant metaphor. It is amazing the things in nature that teach us so much.

    GL HOFFMAN’s last blog post..Should You Start Your Own Company?

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