Good luck kicks off.


Today I received an e-mail saying you won two tickets to euro 2008 finals in Vienna. Wow great! I am going to Austria to experience one of the greatest events in the world. At least for a man with proper pants, who love soccer? All I did was to win a competition on asking about advice how to improve their web shop. Lucky me, I have worked for years as a e-commerce developer. Charing some of my secrets really paid off.

All I want to do is wear proper pants.
In my daily job, I am a department manager for a customer care centre in Norway. I am very interested in management, customer care, web development and then some soccer. At work I am properly dressed, and of course I do wear proper pants, shirt and occasionally a tie. I figure proper pants are a great picture describing my life. I am possessed when it comes to good customer care, and of course the lack of such in my daily life. In this Blog I am going to share my secrets to good customer care, and teach you to wear proper pants. The way I do this is to write about what I experience in my daily life at my local store, the cinema or at the bus.

Kick off.
Today is my “birth” as a blogger. I have finally found my blog-calling, and what a chance. Now I can write about customer care, travelling and soccer! Not only boring trips to get milk, but about my experience travelling Europe to see the final in Vienna, 29. June. Wow! I am so looking forward for this.

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