Great Leaders Produce HOPE


I came across this cool look at what a leader does, at the Organic Leadership Blog.

Great Leaders Produce HOPE.


Take a look at the post here

I liked it, thought it was cool. I always like it when people play with words. But what I really liked was the comment made by Jenny Garret; “Or is it the other way around…do great followers produce great leaders, the leader doesn’t exist in his or her role without them

This is a great twist, and I agree. If a leader has great followers it sure makes the job easier.
But as a leader you also have to create room for great followers, you must create the environment for growth. So could I boldly say; Great followers are the product of a great gardener? If you allow them to grow, they will. As with plants, water them (pour coffee a lot), love them, and talk to them. Give them some sunshine and they thrive.

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