Happy birthday to me…


Hi everybody!
Today I turned 37, celebrating with my son who got sick today and pukes all over the place. I am going to make my debut as a public speaker about motivation in Oslo, in May 2011. Looking forward to it. I am sorry that my blog has been quiet lately as I have been very busy. I will update it soon with more thougts. I want to use this oportunity to thank you for reading my blog! You rock!

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  1. Happy B-Day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your success and wishes for every happiness. One public speaking tip – think of each person as an individual and don’t reflect on the size of the group. If what you share touches, motivates, helps, makes happy just one person, you did well. Happy Day! – Tina

  3. Først: Gratulerer inn i de fantastiske 37… 🙂
    Så: Hva/hvor i Oslo i mai?


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