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I just got a question about how to ignite the spark in a salesperson from a friend. He has just become a store manager, selling clothes. He says that his team is loyal, but lack fighting for sales. He wonders how to handle this situation and get the employees to see the importance of selling. I sat down to write him an answer this evening, but hey, there are a lot of good brains out there in the World Wide Web, so why not ask? How can we help him boost sales in his clothing department?

I believe that it is important to talk to each of them one to one. Teach them the importance of creating a great store. If they do want to work for the best store in town, they can, not by quitting their job, but to make it happen right where they are. Have fun at work, let there be room for the employees to try out their own ideas.

What do I like when I am shopping clothes?
I like that a person is smiling, I might be a sucker for compliments, but honesty is very important (since I am colorblind). If someone tells me that this jacket looks bad on me, and provides an alternative, sold. I like smart salespeople that talk me into buying two jackets and two sweaters, and convincing me that I have four in one, just change jacket and sweaters around and you will have four combinations that all match.

Spend a lot of time with your people, get to know them, and get them to know you. You will never be better than the people you lead. And smile, smile, smile and have fun. Treat your customers like you treat your best friends.

This is what I got for now, I am sure that Clement, will appreciate input on how to boost sales in his clothing store. Please do provide comments and we might all be helping out, after all, this is one of the great benefits with social media, blogging and the Internet.

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