How about those small ideas?


It is all about the big ideas when we read books about business ideas or read blogs about entrepreneurship. Dream big, make it big, become rich, the keywords are all about massive success. However let’s face it, only a very few of us manage to make more money in real life than we can in our dreams. Nevertheless, I want to fight for the small dreams today, the little ideas, the reinventions and recycling, the copying and doing what people have done before. We shall bravely walk where most men have been walking before us.

When you think of it, most business startups or business ideas will be a small idea. At least 90 % will be a nice idea that did not catch fire.

How about these ideas?

How about these ideas?

Dare to dream small
What if the small ideas got more support? It seems like investors, bankers, start-up-farms are just looking for the next big thing, completely ignoring the majority of small ideas that work.
I believe that your passion for your project might be more important than the uniqueness of your idea. What drives a person to start up as a hairdresser? They cut hair everywhere; even in a small town, you will find multiple places to cut your hair. Still people start new ones, because they love to cut hair, and this is their profession.

Do not worry too much about competition or if anybody have done this before you. Find out WHY you want to do it, and HOW you will do it better. You know, sometimes it is your uniqueness that will make or break your idea and not the idea itself. Be unique!

Good luck on your small ideas.

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