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Do you want to become a leader? Well you are already on to a good start by finding this site. Many of my readers are regular employees with ambitions, and you will find much help here in my blog in a various range of topics related to your growth and success.

There is a diversity of paths to leadership – some create a social movement with their engagement in a cause while others have been attending studies for many years. Some follow a military career while other create a start-up with success. You probably lead something already, it can be anything from you family to friends or even pets.

Question 1: Why do I want to become a leader?
This is the first question to ask yourself and probably the one question you will get wrong the first few times you ask yourself. I want a better job…. I want a higher salary… I want status… I want to be in charge… I want fame… I want to influence people… I find these answers to be a dead end. I would advise you to do a bit more soul digging.  Hang on to the question for a while….

Question 2: How do I become a leader?
You need to inspire someone to do something. That is all to it. To become a leader, you must lead. To become an athlete you must exercise, to become good at anything you will need skill and practice. I can probably just start to run, but the Olympics are far away without the right skill, time in practice and knowledge. However, you do not need to be the best to qualify so it is easier.

Question 3: How do I get the skill to become a leader?
You do probably already have the skill, just as you do with walking and talking. You might not be good at it yet, but that is something quite different. Everybody can lead, but to become good you will need skill and knowledge (and practice)

Skill and knowledge necessary to become a leader
You will deal with people in leadership unless you are a herder. People skills are essential, leadership techniques too. You will benefit to know about motivation. If you qualify and have the time, invest in formal education like a bachelor degree or master degree. You do not need a formal education, but people hiring does not always know that skill is more important than a diploma, so get it if you can. Books are free in libraries, so you can get the knowledge for that exact price. And remember this – you will never get enough knowledge.

Question 1 Edited: Why do you want to increase your knowledge?
To lead in any area require some kind of knowledge. What knowledge is required to lead where you want to lead? Knowledge will get you into leadership opportunities. If you are good at something, people will listen. If you look for a leadership position and work hard to get it, groom the right people – guess what, this position might be gone before you manage to get to it. If you follow knowledge, it will stick and repeatedly come in handy.  Figure out what knowledge you need to get where you want, and knowledge might get you there or further.


  • Seek knowledge, not positions.
  • Read books, go to class, graduate, take courses.
  • Practice leadership elsewhere if you cannot get the opportunity at work. Consider local volunteer activities, clubs or other options. Leadership practice will teach you what works and what will not.
  • Share your knowledge. Once you learn, start to share what you learn. A good leader does not harvest knowledge without empowering other people too.
  • Read my blog, currently almost 300 published posts… and more will come.

Update: You can also read this blog post on how to become a leader that I wrote many years ago….

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  1. You make good points about skill, knowledge and practice being needed. Inspiring others to do something is also a nice tip.

  2. Hi Morgan,
    Thank you for reading and commenting. “everyone has a unique skill set that makes their leadership style unique” – Do you think we can change our style, if our unique style has a negative impact?

  3. This is awesome! You make a lot of really valid points here. When it comes to being a leader, everyone has a unique skill set that makes their leadership style unique. Nicely said! Thanks for your input!
    Morgan recently posted..Stop What You’re Doing and PLAN!

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