How to Create Practical Checklists


thepracticeofleadership2I just read this blog post at The Practice of Leadership blog by George Ambler. I just found his blog by chance, and if you like my blog, chances are that you will like this blog as well. I got inspired today, hope you will be too.

The best example of a checklist is the daily “to do” list, a reminder of what needs to be accomplished this day.

“Checklists turn out to be powerful leadership tools.”

He writes about how checklists are a great tool for leaders and I agree, but as I also commented on his post is that this might be a great way to get my employees focused? What if everyone had a short but important checklist to stay focused? I am curious of this, and I might implement it at work, so for my employees that read my blog, get your brains thinking now 🙂

This was a great post, and I recommend you to read it.

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