How to do a better job and win with your ideas


Make ideas that winThere is a great benefit in knowing what your company is all about. When it comes to finding inspiration you should try to look at the greater picture. What is your job all about? Are you contributing to a positive or a negative result? How do you find meaning in your job? How do you contribute to your business’ success?

I want to give you some pointer and hints on how to pitch a good idea to top level management, and maybe you will find more joy in your work as a bonus.

I want to list a few things that it might be a good idea to consider once in a while. And you might end up with a job more meaningful.

  • List a few things that your company is doing for the greater good.
  • Is your job of any significance to other people?
  • What personal values do you have, that match the company values?
  • What would happen if your job, your part of the company would vanish?

Profits and basic business rules

Ok, you need to remember this: Happy customers = Income. Your job and your company are dependent on cash flow. This means that you need to get money in faster than the due date on your bills.

There are several ways you can contribute to the profit of the company. Remember, profit is not the same as income. So if you understand how to make a successful company you need to get profits, contribute to higher income and/or reducing costs.

To do a good job, and have a meaningful job, you should try to figure out ways to improve profits in your part of the job. Identify what is important about your role. Is there any way you can increase the stream of money? Can you reduce costs? Do you make a difference for other people in or outside your organization?

  • Do you have options to increase income?
  • Do you have the possibility to save money for the company?

So now you know how to land a great idea!

To get top level management to listen in on your ideas you need to show them the financial benefits. If your idea is a time saver, what will the company earn by implementing this idea?

You: We should throw a surprise party for our employees!
Boss: Why?
You: Because it would be fun and a nice break in these hectic days!
Boss: Nah… waste of money.
You think: “my boss is stupid, doesn’t understand a thing”
Your boss thinks: “stop wasting my time, it is valuable”

Take 2:
You: We should throw a surprise party for our employees!
Boss: Why?
You: Because by spending just as little as $150 we could by some balloons, some snacks and soda, and it will create more happy employees, reduce sick leave and create an atmosphere where the employees will take good care of the customer and smile at them for a week. With one employee deciding to show up at work one day earlier you would benefit immediately.
Boss: What a great idea, let’s do it!
You think: What a great boss, he is always listening on my ideas.
Your boss thinks: I have great employees; maybe I’ll even give them a bonus soon.
You could expand your ideas to other areas like employee turnover costs.

I hope this post is giving you some insight on how to contribute with good ideas, and how you can become a great employee. In turn it might give you more motivation to do a great job. Please do feel free to subscribe to my blog and do follow me on twitter.

Thank you for reading! You rock!

Frode Heimen
Motivational Gardener

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  1. Great post. Always bring in the “What’s in it for me” to any pitch.

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