How to Set Yourself Goals


Working With GoalsI want you to think about your goals and find out if your goals are learning goals or achievement goals. There is a significant difference in the way these difference goals work.  You should figure out which kind of goals you should apply in order to get the best out of them. I will start by sorting out the two main differences.

Achievement Goals

An AG is a goal where you are supposed to complete something with a specific result. Let’s say you want to get an A on a test, or run 100 meters in less than 14 seconds. Complete 45 calls during one day or Getting to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Even getting that promotion is an achievement goal.

Learning Goals

The most common thing to do to recognize a learning goal, is that you can put “I want to become better at…” in front of the rest of the sentence. I want to become a better soccer player. I want to become better at speaking French. I want to improve my ability to lead. I want to be the best possible chess player. These goals are not limited to time and progress; you will be on track as long as you continue to improve.

Combine for Optimal Power

If you set your ambitions as learning goals, you will be able to supply with achievement goals to keep learning. If you want to become better at speaking a foreign language;

 “I want to become as good as possible at speaking Spanish” – Learning Goal

“I first need to attend a beginners class within the next few months” – Achievement Goal

“I need to practice speaking Spanish as often as possible” – Learning Goal

“I want to visit Spain for a month to improve my language within next summer” – Achievement Goal

“I need to buy an online Spanish class” – Achievement Goal

You will keep adding small achievement goals as you go along to keep improving your learning goals.

How to use this at work?

Identify how you can implement learning goals. “I want to be the best salesperson possible”, “I want to know as much about web design as possible”, “I want to keep learning more about call center strategies”, “I want to be the best possible leader” – These goals does not limit you to your current job. It does not limit you to a certain promotion. It will make a pathway as you keep evolving. My learning goal is: “To be the best possible leader”- I will continue to chase learning opportunities within or outside the company. Where I work is not important. I might need to get more education (Achievement goal) or attend a class (achievement goal) or read books (achievement goal) to support my long life learning goal.

I hope you find this useful when you determine your goals.

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