How to use a post-it the right way


I personally hate post-it, these small yellow sticky pieces of paper that drown your cubicle. People tend to write small cryptic messages on them without signing them, so you can trace the sinner. Never write anything really important on a post-it note, it will most likely stick to some strange by passer, the back of a book or on the side of a bag, and strangely wander off into the wind. And a month later it finds its way back to you and you end up banging your head into the keyboard because you forgot the lunch with your boss, and that is why he acts up on you all the time. But I have found one useful way to use these little yellow with a great positive impact.

I appreciate you because…
A few days ago I wrote one post-it note to all my employees, they all started with these words: “I appreciate you because…” and I tried to write what I genuine appreciate about each one, all notes ended up differently, as all of them are appreciated for different reasons. I thought this was a fun thing to do at the office and I hoped it would make them smile for a while. This evening I was walking around at the office and noticed that several notes where hanging at their partition wall. And I started to realize that this really meant a lot for some of them. This is why I want to share this story so you as well can have a chance to create a little happiness at your work, and the best thing, you do not have to be a boss, as even a good note from a co-worker will light up someone’s day. All you need is a post-it notepad and a pen.

Some things I got in return:
• A post-it note saying that I am a great boss, signed by one entire shift.
• Two thank you e-mails.
• A smiling department.
• Two thank you handshakes.
• At least one confirmed very happy employee.
• A boost in the mood

So why wait? Put the post-it notes to use right now!

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2 Comments on "How to use a post-it the right way"

  1. Frode Heimen | October 29, 2009 at 5:31 pm |

    Hi Julie, thank you for reading my blog.

    The best thing about this small activity is that it is really valued by the ones it is addressed to. I did this originally about one year ago, and still a lot of these post-its are hanging on their walls, and not just behind a new piece of paper, but it is noticeble. That moves me, and I know that this was a good thing to do.

  2. Hi Frode, love this idea. Just reminds us of the importance of feeling valued and how motivational that can be. Doesn’t cost anything either.

    Julie Kay

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