I am a believer. I believe in you!


I do believe in YOU! You are a fabulous pond of energy waiting to explode. You can do anything you want to. I believe that it is your right to be whatever you choose to be. As the opposite to a lot of other people around you, I believe that you can do it. There is only one obstacle between you and your dreams and that is you. If you want to open a door, and it is locked, do you give up? There are still other ways to get to the other side of this door, you can break it, you can choose another way around it, maybe through another door, or have you checked lately? Maybe the key is right there in your left pocket.

You are great, you are strong and you can succeed. But remember success is not fame, it is not money, it is not power and it is not influence. Success is steps, it’s learning to walk and it is about learning to walk at your pace in your style. I have never met anyone that have more luck in their life than any other, I have not met anyone more suited than other, I have not met anyone that are from the wrong or right neighborhood. I have met myself, and you deserve to meet yourself, the true potential of you. Do you now that right now out there; someone loves you, because you are special, not more special or less special than others, just special for them. You as well as all the other just like me and all the people you have ever met, was all born naked. There are unfortunately some that have more or less external blindfolds to block their view, but you are still strong, there is no reason why you should not be strong.

I have become a great believer in you. If you are ever alone, I will be sitting right here thinking of you and how great you are. There is nobody in the world that has the right to say that you don’t have it. Do you know, that right now, you have the possibility to choose? You can decide to smile; you can decide to be grumpy. It is your choice. Life is full of choices. Do you think some people are lucky, luckier than any others? Yes a very few are, but the majority take the right choices each day. You have a choice, and you have a consequence. You can have a great life, but you need to choose it. There is being positive, being negative, spending money, saving money, exercise or not to work out, love or hate. These and a lot more are all your choices. Even what you eat is your choice. You even read this by your choice and you can choose to believe in yourself. I want a shirt, a plain white shirt with big orange letters on the chest that goes: YOU!

It is not that easy you say? I agree because you have been thought that there are limitations, that there are rules that apply in society. But there is one thing in life that is free, and that is knowledge. You can choose to learn and grow. What you want to learn is up to you, I am sure that you can do it. Each day, every week, month and year that goes by, there is one thing that is always going to stay close, and that is you. This is your choice.

You are unique, and becoming a success can start right now. Just finish this sentence:
I choose to: _______________________ and it is my choice, I can do it because I am strong and I am worth it.

Then when you feel lost, read this again so you can remember that you are the boss. And success is in all the small choices you make each day.

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