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I Hate my JobSo you hate your job huh? Going to work at a place where you are unhappy can drive anyone insane. It will affect your life on all areas, and you will eventually become a grump. I do actually get a lot of questions from my readers, and most of them have to do with unhappy work situations. So I figure I will write more about this, since it is a matter of interests – and I have a fresh email from one of my readers in mind. Something needs to happen right, so how do we change that?

Why do you hate your job?

Always start with why  – A great tip from Simon Sinek, a great book as well, so go get it. (free advice from me) – But Simon has a strong point. Start with why. Why do you hate your job? Try to identify the reason as to why your job sucks. And try to find the real reason. To help you I will try to make a list.

  1. I hate my boss
    A lot of people writing to me, complain about their management. They are stubborn, they look down on people, they are poor leaders, they are uninspiring, they rule with fear, they are micromanagers and they do a lot of work to make your job suck. So leaders out there, take a look in the mirror, do you engage or do you disengage your staff? But hey! The leaders is not necessary the problem. In most cases you can’t change the leader without risking your job. And it might not be the leader that is the problem. It is your relation with the leadership that might be the problem, or even the way you look about your leaders. Now you are changing the problem to be unsolvable, to something you can change yourself – How can you influence your relationship with management in a positive way?
  2. My job is meaningless and boring
    According to the great internet a lady named Ruth Burke, once said: “only boring people get bored” – no offence but it has a nice ring to it. What are you waiting for? What can you do to make your job more fun and challenging? I have seen people emptying septic tanks with fun at work. Or the famous fish market that created the foundation for the Fish Philosophy – You can do plenty to create meaning at work. What can you do today to make your job a better place? Not just for you, but for your co-workers as well?
  3. I am unhappy with my salary.
    And moping about it will get you more? The biggest mistake I experience employees do, when unhappy with their salaries is to complain about it. Demonstrate by providing less effort, and running out of the building one second before the work day ends. Those that get more pay prove increased value for the company. They work extra hours, sometimes even for free. They are positive about their job and company, and they are constructive. Being destructive will not give you a rise, at worst you might get fired – and that kind of drops you salary to the floor?

No more bullet points, but I guess you see the picture.
In most cases you need to reflect the problem back to you. What can YOU do to make a difference or a change? And it does not need to be a whole lot of effort. Because most change start within, and by creating a positive change in you – you might even create a positive change in your co-workers, because they can stop complaining about theirs.. – see what I did there?

Create a positive change

When people are unhappy at work and hate their job, they also talks about it – in the canteen, during breaks, or with friends and family. What impression do you provide of your company? At worst you might even scare away potential good employees that could benefit you and your company. You need to focus on the positive things. And you should try to teach your co-workers to do the same. It can be small steps like appreciating the good coffee? Try to be conscious about this and be positive – it will have a huge impact on you, and it can transform a workplace totally. Make a list of 5 positive things, and make sure you get that out in a conversation during the day.

“Creating a change in yourself, might be the key, if you can’t change what is around you.”

A few tips that might help you get started?

Being negative is not a bad thing, if done in the right settings:

This is how you can provide more meaning to your job:

Positive thinking might be hard, but rewarding:

So in conclusion, start with why, and take a look at what YOU can do about it, because changing other people might just be so much more work. And good luck!

Create a great day!


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2 Comments on "I hate my job – How to change that"

  1.  @James Lawther
     Hi James. Thanks for reading. Some people will hate their job, even if they change employer. So for some they might need to change themselves. And not all people are able to just change a job – So being “stuck” might actually be a major reason why you hate your job. I am always advicing to change what you can change. And normally that starts with yourself. To find another job, is the easy advice, and you must be sure that the problem is the job, and not your attitude, unless you might end up in the same circle again. But yes, you are on to something.

  2. Hi Frode,
    I’m with you, but I would go further.
    If you hate your job find another job.
    If you stay is it because you hate your job or hate yourself?  You aren’t doing anybody any favours by staying.

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