I just quit my job, When do you quit your job?


I quit!Are you currently sick and tired of your job? Why don’t you quit? It’s time to start considering your options before things start to go downhill, but it is hard to know when as the decision should be done before it is too late. I have been explaining the lifespan of an employee to my employees to let them figure out what they need to stay motivated and extend their lifespan at work. It is like the old Clash song, should I stay or should I go? I hope this will help you to either see what you need to do to extend your lifespan at your current job, or you might realize that you might need another job.

I made this graph to help me explain my thoughts...

I made this graph in a hurry in Photoshop, it is not beautiful, but it will do for this purpose 🙂 Keep reading to see it explained. You Rock!

Job Lifespan Explained

When you first start your job, you are excited, you are highly motivated and you are happy because you got a new job (A). You do not need much motivation, but you need training to acquire skills. As you move along you will get more experienced as time pass by (towards B). You will develop naturally as you move along. But at one point you will start to feel stagnation (1), it might take months or even years, but you will feel stagnation sooner or later. Then you might need both motivation and if possible new challenges, training or skills. If you are unable to continue developing or motivation is dropping to the floor you will get into a situation where new information becomes boring and you neglect vital information (Moving towards C). You might end up unable to learn new stuff and you are suddenly losing momentum and you fall behind. If you then stay to long you will end up without motivation and skills necessary to do your job good (D). As you lack motivation you will also fall behind on your efforts resulting in poor results.

The Plateau of Evolution

If you feel like you are stagnating (1), you might be in the danger of a motivational drop (B to C) unless you get out of the rut fast. You need to talk to your leader and together look for new challenges or learning opportunities. When a leader manage to identify that their employees are on a plateau or motivation is declining they need to identify what it takes to bring you high up in the right corner with high motivation and high skill.

When do You Quit?

When you are losing motivation and things tend to be boring you have two choices either find motivation somehow or get out before you find yourself in the C of the graph on your way to D. If you find yourself in D you are in danger of being fired soon.

This is how I have been identifying the needs of my employees, this is how I have tried to keep them motivated and in constant development. But I suddenly found myself falling like a rock late this summer, and since all employees deserve a highly inspirational and motivated leader, I decided to resign from my job. So I quit my job last week. All of a sudden I am looking for a new job somewhere.

Now what?
If you want to see how it goes, and follow my journey to my new destination please do subscribe to my blog and I will keep you up to date. Eh… if you have a job for me, please contact me. 🙂

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  1. Yikes! It’s hard to leave a job, even one you can’t stand. In fact, the jobs I’ve liked the least are generally the slowest ones to end. Time seems to slow down until the end of that last day.

    I’ve written a bit about being unemployed after being laid off from the Olympics in March. Here’s a post that might be relevant in the next couple weeks!

    Good luck!

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