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i_like_uAfter writing about “How to use a post-it the right way” I received a tip about a website called http://www.ilikeucoz.com/ . This is a service that brings my post-it writing into the digital world and you can start appreciating people around the world in just a few seconds. I do like the philosophy behind this site, and if you have something positive to share, or if you need to make someone smile this is the site for you.

I just tried it and sent a nice note to my wife – who by the way is sitting 2 meters away from me… 🙂 I think it would be faster to stand up, walk to her and give her a kiss. Still she noticed the I like u coz note.

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  1. Frode – so glad you like ‘ilikeucoz’! In today’s busy, stressful world, where we don’t live in a compliment culture, so many people probably wouldn’t simply walk over and give their partner a kiss – or maybe their partner, friend or other loved one is far away, so this spontaneous, fun web app reminds us that a simple compliment can go a long way – even if it’s landing only a short distance away ferom you. 🙂 Thanks for using ilikeucoz and for spreading the word.

    We like u coz you like ilikeucoz.

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