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Hi friends and readers. Getting some recognition is a great boost for motivation. My blog have been awarded with a listing at Alltop.com! I feel great about it. This just made my day. I just found an email in my inbox with good news. I hope this gives me some extra flair to keep producing content for my blog. I am feeling the excitement, just from being included at a website. Imagine how much impact you can provide on others by giving them recognition and telling people that they did a great job? A good positive feedback doing wonders for morale and I still remember good sentences back to the early 90’s, twenty years back.
You sound like a young man with ambitions, I think you’ll go far” – in 1995. I do not remember his name, almost what he looks like. But I remember where I was, and what he said.
You have the powers to change your own life” – in 1999 – World champion cyclist.
“I love you dad” – my son on a weekly almost daily basis. 🙂
My point is this; people remember good recognitions for a long time, maybe their entire life. Give someone some great recognition today, it will just cost you a few seconds, but you might impact a lifetime.
Well, I am happy for this recognition for my blog. It gives me a boost and motivation, now I just need great topics and ideas. If you would like me to write about a specific subject please do contact me.

My blog will very soon show up in the leadership category

Have a great day!

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