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WhyI believe in sharing knowledge, I believe that each person is provided with the right tools to become as great as they want. I believe in a world where all people are content with their neighbor and respect the choice of the individual. I wake up each morning urging to help you to grow and develop yourself into your own full potential. I believe that you can do whatever you set your mind on doing.

The world is populated with 6,855,878,752 different individuals, personalities and needs. People are different, so are leaders and followers, none are alike. But a leader does need a follower and some people need another kind of person to work well together. This is why a strong initiator needs a reactor to make anything happen. But why should the reactor do what the initiator is saying in the first place?

What makes the follower do what the leader is communicating? What makes people follow great leaders and ditch others as soon as it gets tough? Different people act differently and different companies have different goals. The leader that can inspire action or change is the one that can articulate the purpose, not by telling what to do, but to inspire by telling you why you should.

Taste the difference:

What Why
Get the boat in the water We are going on a journey
Go to the store to get food We are making the most tasty dinner
Walk around asking people for money We are building a better future for kids without education
I do my job I make it happen
Get some building material We are building a homeless shelter
Do this task We beat our competition

Doing the “What” is a dread, it is work and it is hard. Doing the “Why” is meaningful, it has purpose. The leader is the one that articulate the why, the followers are doers and know What to do. If I tell my kids that we are going on a picnic they will go “WOHOO!” And run around the house and find stuff they want to bring. If I tell them to get the stuff first they will go “Uhhhhh…..sigh…. WHY!?”

So how should you use this as a leader?

Think about your work, how many times do you ask your employees to do a what task? Get on the phone, get that report done by tomorrow, make sure to ask the customers if they want something to drink with that.  How many times do you use why? We have customers waiting, do we allow that? Your report is an important piece of the puzzle to get the deal tomorrow.  It is hot outside today our customers might be thirsty. This is the day to say why. Your company should also have its Why to motivate the employees into doing What. The people, who know why, also need the people who know what to do.

Gain Believers

The good follower is the person who believes what you believe. To find the right employees you need to tell them why you are in business. You are not hiring, you are gathering believers.

Start with why - Simon SinekThis blog post is influenced and inspired by Simon Sinek’s book – Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
This is a great book that every single manager or leader should read. If you don’t have it, buy it today! Must read!


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  1. Frode Heimen | July 19, 2010 at 3:39 pm |

    Hi Hampers!
    Thank you for the comment. Good example! 🙂

  2. Frode Heimen | July 19, 2010 at 3:34 pm |

    Hi David.
    I feel that this is a great leadership book. It is the leader, the inspirator that needs to know why. What marketing does, is a reflection of the leaders attitude?

  3. Finding meaning is what drives us all! If we are inspired by a leader to work hard towards the meaning and not the actual end result, we find great comfort in digging ditches in Guatemala for some charity, when in reality, we are digging a hole in a tropical jungle.
    As Malcolm McLaren said, the medium is the message.
    Hampers recently posted..Fruit Baskets Alternatives to Flowers

  4. I enjoyed Sinek’s read…but I felt like it was more of a marketing book than a leadership book. Not sure how I felt about its being positioned toward leaders.

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