It’s ok not to be ambitious!


Promotions at the Corporate LadderDo you feel the pressure at work to become the next in line for that promotion? Well good news, it is ok to stay put and be happy with what you got. I have always been impressed with people working at the same job for years and years. Every business needs these drones that just keep doing what they are good at. But there is a catch here; I am not going to let you off this easy. I have been ambitious all my adult life, I lacked ambitions at young age, with no clear goals in life and tired of school, but still straight out of high school I decided to start my own business… But in the last five years I have had three promotions and one step to the side. I do not want more promotions and I am very happy with my current job. This does not equal me not being ambitious, I still have ambitions but it is to increase knowledge about my trade.

Stay put, where you are

I said that I am not going to let you off the hook here. What I look for in great employees is the ability to become better at what you do and the skill to improve at your job. I want you to look for ways to improve your knowledge and to look for more efficient ways to do your job. I want you to become just a little bit better each year. Just doing the same job with no ideas on improving your job is a bit lazy. I just read about the 80/20 principle at Geoff Snyders blog. Try to become among the 20 % that really counts. This will make your job safe.

How to improve at what you do

  • Read books that will improve your knowledge about products and services
  • Take a class
  • Learn from the best, ask to work togheter with them, almost like “undercover boss”
  • Look for new ways to solve old problems (time, effort or money savers)
  • Invent something? Look at farmers an industry with a bunch of new inventions each year
  • Can you automate stuff?
  • Ask to teach others, teaching others will give you new insight
  • Look for ways to help others improve
  • Have fun, and make your co-workers smile! (Very important)

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetency”
Take a look at this great video from David Burkus

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    Hi David! – Always! 🙂

  2. Glad you liked the video. Thanks so much for helping share it.

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