It is all about attitude!


When operating a call centre like we do, it all comes down to attitude. We need to want to be the best. And we need to let everybody know that it is ok to want to be the best. I do not expect them to do their best; I do not expect them to perform optimal every day. All I want is that they have the urge to become a little bit better. I want them to work with the personal goals to achieve some progression over time.

NO! We do not know the meaning of no.

This company is a dynamic work sphere. Changes can come like a hurricane, demanding everybody to change their usual way to do stuff. Humans are strange, from nature they hate changes, as on the same time they are most equipped to deal with them. The attitude must be; Give it to us and we rock shit. My boss said: “Give their department a challenge, and they will create gold” That is a very good statement to receive.

So what do we do?
We have fun. It is all competition. If we have to do something, well then we sure have to do it best. I tell all employees that at the office we are winners! Norway has some strange way of always admire the looser. And wanting to stand out as a achiever is a bad thing. In school it is all about equality, and the “slow”-kids get special education, as the good ones have to follow the pace of the rest. This is for me a wrong way to do stuff. And it is my mantra at work: You can do it! You must want to do it, and we celebrate the good performance. And of course we have fun. I am going to tell you about fun later on. Until then sow good attitude seeds. But hey! It won’t work if you don’t believe in it yourself.

BTW: I got my travel certificate today, tomorrow I am ordering a trip to Vienna and the finals of the Euro 2008 🙂

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