Job dissatisfaction: I hate my job!


I hate my jobNo, I don’t hate my job, but you might hate your job. Do you know why? I am going to help you think differently about your job. There is no need to hate work; there is always a solution to job dissatisfaction and you might hold the key yourself. I am going to ask you some questions, you will provide the answers. So do you want to do something about it?

Question #1: What is your career goal?
Don’t know? You know what you don’t want to do? In my experience job dissatisfaction is often caused by lack of career goal and direction. You might be like a boat at sea with no people aboard to navigate. No direction equals no purpose, no purpose equals no meaning, no meaning equals boredom.

Question #2: What do you love about your job?
Hate is often the result of continuous negativity. Can you list 10 things you love about your job?

Question #3: Can you get a better job elsewhere?
The reason I ask is; why have you yet not moved there? Are you not qualified? Will you get a good enough recommendation from your current boss? A lot of unsatisfied employees slows down productions, displays bad work ethics and might end up close to being fired if they don’t quit first. Have you ever thought that you might need to do something yourself to improve your result, references and your qualifications?

Question #4: Who is suffering from your hate?
Hate is an internal feeling and the only one suffering from hate is you. If you hate your boss, he might still get results, if your motivation is so low that it hurts productivity you are that will end up without a job. Hate is a feeling that will get you nowhere.

Question #5: How can you change?
Did you know that some people love having a bad boss? Do you know why? It is a learning opportunity; you can learn what not to do if you ever become management material. You can learn what not to do if you ever open your own business. You might not be able to change your job, but can you change?

Question #6: What can you change?
Is there anything you can do to thrive at work, with non work related tasks? Do you care about your co-workers? Can you serve coffee? Water some plants? Clean? Decorate? Talk with people? Teach other how to do their job correctly? Is there anything around that you can grab responsibility for? Is there an area your boss is missing? Can you take charge in those areas? Anything you can do to make your day more interesting.

Question #7: Where is your passion?
You probably lost your passion for your job? What got you there in the first place? What things could keep you up all night because it is fun and interesting? Can you make a living of it? Is there any jobs related to your passion? Can you bring some of your passion to work? If you like to take pictures, you could do so at work, make an office picture art expo. Do you like to create websites? Could your services be of use for your company?

Question #8: When are you going to quit?
If you hate your job, and you see no way out of it, then quit! What are you dependent of your income? Read question #3, if yes, quit. If no, find what your job is doing for you. List ten things you can do because of your job and your income, if you can’t list ten things you probably not in need of your pay?

Question #9: Who is in charge of your life?
Are you making your own decisions? Is anybody forcing you to stay at your job? There is a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. You are a part of a team; it is your job to make the other happy. If you can teach this philosophy to everyone around you, they all will try to make you happy; just don’t be a grump about it.

Question #10: Do you think you need to be negative?
Negative or positive, it is actually a choice. Do you choose to be positive? Take 5 minutes before your job. Read the ten things you love about your job, read the ten things your paycheck is giving in return to you. Chose your attitude to be positive and see if the days turn out a little better.

As you see, being unsatisfied at work might be something you can change. You have the power to turn your current job into your dream job.

So what are you going to do about it?
You could become a great employee? Or you could find your dream job?  Either way I hope you dig my blog and want to subscribe to it. I would also recommend this post to add some value to your job. Thank you so much for reading! You rock!

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2 Comments on "Job dissatisfaction: I hate my job!"

  1. Frode Heimen | July 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm |

    Hi Alanah.
    Welcome to my blog, and thank you for commenting.

    What happens when you come home? Good question. Hating your job will probably also affect your spare time. Yes, it will. Another reason to love your job, and love your life.


  2. Job dissatisfaction is a huge problem in the business world today. If you hate your job, the work is not going to be done properly and then it affects everyone! Not only does it affect the people around you at work but it also affects your life when you leave work because you will most likely be talking about how horrible your job is all night long!
    The truth is, it’s so easy to love you job and find something you are passionate about. Check out these people here who have a job that they love!

    It’s so important that people in our society today find something they love to do and stick to it. The business world will not be a pleasant place to be if everyone goes to work hating their job.

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