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Do you have co-workers that dance on the floor at work? Maybe you have co-workers that laugh so high, that everybody get caught by her mood? Do you have co-workers who crank up the volume on the stereo 20 minutes before the day starts? Do you have co-workers who pour you coffee? Do you have co-workers who arrange a customer care race car grand prix? Do you eat cake each Friday? Do you have a lot of fun at work? Do you believe that we create great results?

We have a lot of fun at work, for about a year ago we had an internal survey asking about work conditions. From 1 to 10 how much do you like working here? The score was 8,19. Since then we have had a blast. I am looking forward for the next survey to see if we can beat the score.

Fun at work, must be put into a system, do not forget to have fun. Create a fun calendar with activities all through the year. When your employees start looking forward to Monday mornings, you have succeeded.

So what about performance?
It has never been easier to motivate. If we are under pressure they rise to the occasion. If I throw a ball in the air, they thrive and fight to be the first to get it. By rewarding my co-workers with fun they repay me with great results and kick ass attitude. When it cools down, we crank up the volume, play and have fun.

At my job we have several departments; mine is directed at the consumer market. And another is towards the corporate market. At corporate everybody is serious and pay a lot of attention towards work and seriousness. They have for years considered corporate to be more professional then our department, a step up if you know what I mean.

The kick ass crew.
A short while ago the invoice part of my department was merged with corporate and moved to their floor. They brought enthusiasm, fun and life to this grey abandoned humor wasteland. I think everybody got a bit shocked. The kick ass invoice crew parked all competition within the first day. They answer way more calls, way more mail and are today the most efficient group at our company. Corporate can do better. Lighten up 🙂

A sales manager visiting our department commented on the fact that Tom was dancing on the floor one day. That was because we had finished every single task our task board said: 0 – zero. Thank you Tom for dancing, that made my day.

You think you can’t do this? Watch this video. (It is all about attitude)

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  1. James Chapman | July 22, 2008 at 10:17 pm |

    Hi Frode

    Yes I have been visiting your blog.
    And returning comments to you on my blog, after you commented on my Words of a Business Leader post.

    We both have the same sentiment about business, it is not about being serious all the time like corporate, but about enjoying yourself and getting excited about it.

    Try sending corporate an update on all that you and your co-workers have achieved this year by being less serious and more focussed on getting results, it will surprise them and may help them to lighten up a bit.

    Keep up the good work, any news on the Leadership Network?

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