Make the leap and hope to land safely.


In life there are crossroads, some are small like what do I have for dinner? Other are larger like what do I do with my job/career/life. I was recently standing with both my feet in the middle of such a giant crossroad – with both hands deep in my pocket and I remember it was raining. Having a good life balance is important and I felt I did not. I was talking to myself like a crazy person, wandering around my living room. I could not feel that my life was in balance. I have a great job working as a customer service manager for a major Norwegian company. I have a great son at the age of 8. But I have no life in the evenings, it is work, work out, eat or sit. I live far away from friends and family and things was starting to wear me out. My energy was leaking in the evenings when it was supposed to be filled.

I quit my job! I decided to move.

The question was hanging in the air; I have just asked myself what will I do? What do I miss? I miss my friends, city life and my family. I have to quit my job and move. So I did follow my own advice – Now what?

And then on any given Monday.

I was sitting in my office after work, looking at a picture on the internet of a classroom. I was thinking customer service, classroom and the words spun like a whirlpool in my head. And it struck me like lightning. I am going to open a Customer Service School in my home town of Molde. That night I surfed the internet like a maniac looking at competition, looking at numbers, doing some math, brainstorming, talked to loyal friends and within hours I found the name, the concept and the name was available and the concept is surprisingly unique. So I have decided to go for it and open the “Kundeserviceskolen as” – in English it translates to “The Customer Service School Inc” – I took a choice and decided to plunge both feet in, no turning back. Nike’s slogan was working wonders for me… I know I am supposed to have a good business plan. But this time I just acted on my gut feeling and I have plenty of time to write a strategy plan instead. And I am going to have humongous amounts of fun!

“I found my passion right in front of me, I love to talk, I love to teach, I love to write at a whiteboard and wave with my hands, I love to sell, I love to share, I love to create and I do love business”

So I will probably be providing some inside start up frustrations and joy at my blog in the near future..
But first I will enjoy two days in Oslo attending the CallCenterConference arranged by Confex. This is my professional highlight of the year and I am like a kid on Christmas.
To all my friends, present and former co-workers, thank you for your inspiration! Wish me luck!
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